Wednesday, November 30, 2016

So Obsessed... (19)

It's time for an Obsessions update!!  I get obsessed with a lot of things and they're constantly changing, and I want to share :)

Gilmore Girls Revival

Have SO MANY THOUGHTS.  So many EMOTIONS.  Must get them out!  So in case you didn't know--- SPOILERS are ahead:

  • I went into this series hoping for a lot of things.  I know it's probably not the best way to go into something like this-- I mean, I went into the Full House relaunch with ZERO expectations and that worked out quite well.  But Gilmore Girls had left me with so much angst and blah-ness that I wanted THINGS from the new episodes.
  • So it's a 4-parter with 1.5 hour episodes and I was hoping each season would be like a mini-movie.  With a distinct plot and endings, and it just wasn't like that.
  • I sort of felt like not much really happened??  I mean, stuff happened, but there was a lot of slowness that I felt didn't really add anything besides length to the episodes.


  • I could go on a Rory Rant for dayssss.  She wasn't my fave in the last seasons of the original series, and unfortunately that continued in the revival.
  • One of the big things I wanted from the revival was Rory redemption.  Oh boy, that didn't happen!!  I thought high school Rory was great-- she was a kid and she was smart and funny and had a cool BFF and an awesome frenemy at school.  Yale Rory--- ummm, not so much.  She got on my last nerve and if I hadn't started to love to hate her, I probably would have quit the series.  She was special snowflake on privileged steroids.
  • Revival Rory was somehow worse.
  • She didn't have success in her love life or her professional life.  And honestly, it didn't even feel like she was trying.  If something wasn't coming easy for her, she would just give up.
  • The website interview was the culmination of everything that's wrong with Rory.  She's been built up to believe that she's special and everything should be handed to her... and she's just not.
  • I never got "leader" from Rory Gilmore.  She was smart, she was bookish-- but was she a leader??  I never felt that, so it doesn't surprise me that she wasn't able to become the international journalist superstar that she dreamed of being.
  • Do you remember the Dean thing??  Remember when Rory didn't even CARE that she was potentially ruining a marriage or hurting a bunch of people?  Well it was like dejavu.  Now she's her engaged ex-boyfriend's booty call.  Just-- what the fuck are you doing girl???
  • I genuinely thought the creators would make her successful in her career and maybe not so much at love.  The creators must hate her as much as I do though, because they gave her nada (except a fat trust fund apparently, because look how she travels and pays for stuff without working).


  • Now we get to Lorelai.  I was happy with Lorelai until halfway through Summer.  Emily told her off during the Winter episode and I thought it was spot on & Lorelai was okay for me after that.... until it became glaringly obvious that she didn't give a shit about what Luke wanted for his life.  It was all about her--- again.  
  • I thought that since Luke and Lorelai were still together 9 years later, she'd moved past that and started including him as a partner in her life.  But no.  She didn't even THINK to ask him if he ever wanted more kids.  She didn't even THINK about seeing what he thought about marriage.  
  • When she decides that he is what she wants, she almost won me over-- until she opened her mouth and said that she already set a date for that month.  Like really??  You can't even wait to see if he still wants your crazy ass before you set a date??  And like, maybe he has plans that day??
  • I want to talk about the Wild incident, but I don't think my brain can take it.  It was just so dumb.


  • Emily Gilmore fucking rocks.  She blew me away on this revival.  She lost Richard and it was sad (**tear), and I loved that the series actually took a journey with her on the grief process.  It wasn't- let's explain this missing character, and we've all moved on.  They actually gave Emily (and Lorelai to a lesser extent) a storyline of finding herself without her husband.  
  • I never liked Emily all that much in the original series.  I mean, I thought she was funny and knew how to get things done, but her likability was so-so.  On the revival she had vulnerability and growth and her parts were my absolute favs.

Side character & cameo thoughts

  • Lane's husband looked like he was 105 years old.  Sebastian Bach looked younger.  It was weird.  And why does Lane always get the shaft in this series?  Her appearances in the revival were few and far between.  
  • PARIS!!  Paris was giving me life in this revival!!  She was still kick-ass Paris & I was super thankful for that.  Her and Doyle were.... her and Doyle.  I'm hoping that they're not really splitting up-- just because he's turned into a Hollywood D-bag doesn't mean Paris can't stomp that out of him!!
  • April-- ughhh.  Nothing much to say about that.  Her scene seemed to be put in to show the audience that she doesn't have her life together either.... but ummmm she's 22.  Rory is 32.  Big difference.
  • Sookie- probably the closest I came to crying was when she showed up!!  But that milestone cake she made just cemented everything I felt about Luke and Lorelai's relationship-- it's alllll about Lorelai.  But I really wish Melissa McCarthy committed for more because she was NEEDED.
  • The Parenthood appearances were adorable!!  Especially Lauren Graham's IRL boyfriend.  I know there were Bunhead appearances too, but I've never watched that show, so I can't really say anything about those.

Dean, Jess, and Logan

  • Logan--- ughh.  International Fuck Buddy.  Great.
  • Dean-- he was my least favorite of Rory's boyfriends, but I thought his scene in the revival was cute.  I liked the cornstarch reference.  I could have lived without Rory telling him he made her feel "safe".  Shut up Rory.
  • Jess-- I thought he could have had more in these episodes.  He was once again, a guiding force for Rory, but she didn't really interact with him all that much.


  • Not happy.
  • Full circle my ass!!  Rory is not 16, it's not the same thing.  She's not her mom, she's a spoiled little trust fund bitch with no work ethic.
  • And the whole thing with her writing a book called Gilmore Girls?  SOOOO SHOCKING!!  Like that hasn't been done 500 times already in 500 other shows/movies/books.
  • I really hope there's no more seasons.  I really don't want it.

Did you watch yet?  If so, SHARE OPINIONS!!

Choosing a Kindle Cover

  • I used to be a Nook girl, but then they pissed me off by not being compatible with sending epubs to it.  So I bought a cheap Kindle.  It's pretty much the cheapest Paperwhite you can get, but it's all I really need for now.  Of course a day after I got it, my dog stepped on it and put a small dent in the screen.  So moral of the story is, I need a cover.  I've been putting it off, but I know it's only a matter of time before my brat dogs go stepping on it again.
  • The thing is, it's a HARD choice.  Here are some of the ones I've been considering.
Flower / Nancy Drew / Feather / BSC / Bow

Which one do you like best?  Help me pick!!

Plaid Everything

I really love plaid and finding plaid everything on Polyvore.  My credit card hurts a little bit!


  • I know fall is almost over and we're all moving on to the Christmas season, but I still want to share my love for plaid.  Plaid everything.  I've loved plaid since I was wee 90's girl living in a plaid 90's world and I've never given up the obsession.  The only type of plaid I don't buy as much are the plaid skirts.  I'm starting to age out from that style :(

What is your favorite fall fashion trend?


The Thousandth Floor (#1) by Katharine McGee
  • I started reading this the other day and I'm TOTALLY OBSESSED.  Like I can't stop reading it.  It's over 400 pages, so that's the only reason I haven't finished it yet (I'm sort of a slow reader compared to you guys).  It's so addictive.  I love the futuristic details and can't get enough of this cool world.
  • If you haven't heard of it-- it's about a group of teens living in 2116 NYC where a giant 1000-story tower has been built over Central Park.  It's basically a complete city in one building & it's SO interesting.
  • The only thing I'm EHHH about is that there's an adopted brother/sister forbidden love thing going on.  I'm not a big incest fan.  I know they're not blood related, but it's icky.

Heartless by Marissa Meyer
  • I was a little worried about starting this because it has super big hype AND I loved the Lunar Chronicles-- it's always scary when you've loved 1 series by an author and are about to read his/her new material.  Will it turn out??  I am so happy that so far I really really like this one.  It's super interesting to read about the Queen of Hearts before she was Queen and was actually.... nice??  I also love reading Wonderland from Marissa Meyer's POV.  She makes sense of the senseless :)

So, let's talk!!  Tell me about your Gilmore Girl Revival impressions!  What are you reading now?  Anything completely awesome that I should read next?

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  1. I AM ALSO OBSESSED WITH ALL OF YOUR OBSESSIONS! I was SO mad when Gilmore Girls ended ESPECIALLY because of freaking Rory and her terrible decision making skills. I couldn't believe how horrible her character arc was throughout the whole series and it kills me because I really WANT to like her but the showrunners won't let me. I thought Dean's scene was the best too and Emily Gilmore is the clear winner of the revival. I also wanted more Sookie! My plaid obsession is also going strong and I've had my eye on that very same Kate Spade purse!!! And GUH The Thousandth Floor! I loved that book to pieces! I cannot wait for the next one!

    1. We do have similar fashion tastes!! I wish I could buy that purse right now... but ughhh Christmas. I gotta buy for other people and not me :( J/K I love giving gifts.

      I swear to god that the creators hate Rory. There's no other explanation. They obviously think that Lorelai did a good job raising her, so what other explanation do they have for making her life suck so bad?? I was super surprised about the Dean scene. I was dreading it bc I disliked him, but it went so well!! Also, The Thousandth Floor is so much better than expected!! I can't believe I waiting this long to read it!

  2. I had a really hard time with the Gilmore Girls revival as well. Like with a super hyped book, I think I was expecting way too much. I was most diasppointed in the Luke and Lorelai scenes. Even when I watched the show back in high school, their storyline was way more interesting to me than Rory's - and that magic was only recaptured once during Luke's speech about staying with him. I did really enjoy all of the Parenthood cameos though : )

    1. You're so right about Luke and Lorelai. I wasn't feeling the love between them... but I don't think the 2 actors like each other IRL, so maybe that vibe was carrying into their acting?? Parenthood cameos were really cool! I wasn't expecting Lauren Graham's Parenthood daughter to show up!! It was so fun!

  3. Well bummer. I like Gilmore Girls but I hate Rory and Lorelei. I think they are the worst. Rory is spoiled and the worst special snowflake and Lorelei is so selfish and I hated the way she treated her parents. Sucks that Rory only got worse in the revival. I haven't seen it yet and now I don't think I want to...

    Nereyda│ Nick & Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist

    1. I've hated Rory and Lorelai a lot through the whole series. Probably more than any other series that I actually watched the whole way through. They are definitely exhausting people who do dumbass things. Lorelai is SO selfish... OMG and she doesn't even know it, which makes it worse. Rory is just sucky. I hope you watch the rival though!! At least so I can commiserate with you!!

  4. Oh I have so many thoughts on Gilmore Girls revival!!! I think I am doing a post on it but want to rewatch it lol. I will say I wasn't happy with how Rory turned out , Emily was amazing and I LOVED her story arc, Paris is everything!!! Fall was the stongest episode by far. Ugh so many more thoughts lol. ANYWAYS - love the flower and feather kindle covers. I am waiting for my library to get the audio of Heartless. I am excited for it.

    1. I can't wait to read allllll your thoughts!!! Emily definitely was the big winner of the revival. LOVE HER NOW!!! You're right though, I think Fall was my fave episode. The "I smell snow" line got me. I hope you love Heartless. It's not overly action-y, but I like following Catherine (the future queen).

  5. I skipped your Gilmore Girls thoughts as I still need to watch it!

    I have a Kindle Paperwhite with a basic cover. I'd really love to get a new fun one though. The one with the bow is really cute!

    Omg, I love plaid. So many cute items on there, like the bag and the high tops!


    1. I hope you get to watch the Gilmore Girls before you are spoiled!! Until then avert your eyes whenever you see the word Gilmore!! And aren't those high tops awesome?? I need them in my life!

  6. I can't wait to read The Thousandth Floor and Heartless! I'm so glad you're enjoying both! I haven't had the chance to watch the Gilmore Girls revival yet, but I know I will with my mom over Christmas break. For kindle cases, I would go with the feathers or Nancy Drew!

    1. Both books are really good and I hope you read them!! I do love that feather case... but ugh nostalgia of Nancy Drew is sucking me in too!!

  7. Oh, the Gilmore Girls. I watched. I laughed. I cried. I seethed. I'm still not okay. But yes...Emily and Paris were pretty much my faves. I'm leaning toward wanting more because that is not how I wanted things to end, but I also don't need that emotional drain again.

    I love plaid, too. I'd be happy if my whole wardrobe was plaid. :) Oh, and I like the feather and the bow Kindle covers best. But if I had to choose...the bow. SO cute.

    And Heartless was amazing. I was a little worried, too, because I love the Lunar Chronicles, but it was even better than I'd hoped. I think I'm going to get my sister - who's a HUGE AIW fan - a copy for Xmas. :)

    1. UGHHH Gilmore Girls!!! I'm still not over it. Fucking Rory :( Anyway, I get what you mean about wanting more, but I have lost all faith that they would be able to make that happen without fucking it up, so no thanks!!

      I am kind of leaning towards the bow case. I just love that it opens and closes like a little clutch. And it's super girly, which as you know, I am!! I hope your sister loves Heartless.... if she's an Alice fan, I really don't see how she wouldn't. There's SO many references to the books and movie!

  8. I'm so happy you linked this post up on Saturday Situation! It reminded me to come back and read it since I've finished GG now. I feel the same way as you on a lot of things. Rory was the worst.I don't remember ever really disliking her in the later seasons of the original, but it's been 8 or 9 years since I watched those. She really sucked this time around. They didn't even try to make her redeemable.
    I enjoyed Lorelai but I understand your feelings perfectly. Emily was amazing! I never thought I was say that lol. Her story line really was wonderful. I loved all the scenes with the house keeper and her family! The Logan story was....ugh. I do adore Logan, but just ugh. I'm team Jess so I'm really disappointed with his role. That one little scene at the window was all we get?!? :(
    I've made my peace with the ending, I guess. I really wanted a happily ever after for everyone, but whatever. I'm choosing to go with the whole Logan is Rory's Christopher and Jess is her Luke theory. I'm also choosing to believe she gets her shit together and stops being horrible and ends up with Jess.