Monday, March 26, 2012

Books Out This Week 3/26

Another week of happy reading :)

These are books out this week that I would read:

The Stalker Chronicles- By Carley Moore
Sounds like the main character could be hilarious.  Could definitely make my spring/summer reading list because I like a light, funny read in between all the drama.

Goddess Interrupted- By Aimee Carter
Ok I am definitely 100% NOT reading this one, but I read most of the first one (I got bored), and I know this book is highly anticipated by many YA readers, so I put it up here :)  PS- I love the sigmas where the E's go, very cute!

Slide- By Jill Hathaway
Definitely a suspense novel.  And I want to think I would like it.... but then the ppl I'm friends with on Goodreads didn't give it the best reviews (too predictable), and also I don't know if I'm down to start ANOTHER series.  But from reading the overview it sounds like it could be a little like Wake which I really liked, so we'll see :)


  1. Hey I think they're making a TV show of that book you mentioned earlier, Bunheads. I just saw an ad for it on ABC Family. Cool!