Monday, March 26, 2012

Stargirl By Jerry Spinelli

Typical Suburban High School in Mica Arizona... Enter Stargirl, a home schooled free-spirit. She does not care what people think, actually I don't think she notices what people think, that is until Leo points it out. She is pondered, she is loved, she is hated. Bottom line she makes a difference. She walks around with her pet rat, her ukulele, and an intense kindness for others. She's not like anyone else, until she is....

From what I can see people either love or hate this book... but I am so middle of the road with it (weird!).  I didn't dislike it, but I definitely didn't love it.  The message was cool.  Being yourself is tough, but it's worth it.  I think teens, especially preteens, should read this just for that part of it.  I really liked the way the author wrote.  It was almost like this book could've been some kind of report the narrator was writing.

The parts I didn't love so much were Leo and Stargirl herself.  I expected more from Leo, he was the narrator!!, and he just didn't deliver.  He never had that breakthrough moment where he understood that trying to change her was wrong, and she was special to him just how she was.  And why didn't he go into that dance and dance with her?!? I thought that was crap!
The issue I had with Stargirl is she was like an enigma.  Who was she?  Why with the exaggerated weirdness?  I get being a free spirit and all that, but she was too much.  Just being weird to be weird.  (Getting out a tablecloth and vase for your desk in class??  That's what I mean, it's being weird just for the sake of being weird)  So in that way I ended up understanding the annoyance from the kids at school because it was almost disingenuous what she was doing.  And don't get me started on hers and Leo's creepy stalker qualities (eek!). 
Basically I think it is perfect for 9-15 yr olds.  It has a really great message in it, and it's super short so even kids that don't love reading can handle this one! 

How I got this book- Library

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  1. Hey! Good review. I haven't read this one since I was in elementary school, so I can't really comment on what you talked about. All I know is I loved it as a kid. I thought Stargirl was so cool. Also, there's a sequel, which I haven't read. Maybe the narrator has his break-through moment in that one?