Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Good and Bad About YA (1)

This is a new weekly thing I'm going to do!  I read so many books, and so there are some features in YA that have been standing out to me.  Some of them are positive and some negative.  Every week (on Thursdays) I'm going to tell one good and one bad thing that shows up in YA :)

Today's Good & Bad:

GOOD: I really like it when the girl doesn't need a guy to solve her problems. Yes it's nice when there's a love interest, but having a boyfriend shouldn't instantly solve all the characters other problems!  I like the books where yes, they might get the guy, but their other problems are either still there, or they've been solved beforehand. 
Example of a book like this: Pushing the Limits By: Katie McGarry.  Noah tries to help Echo, but just being with him doesn't magically make her life perfect.
Example of a book NOT like thisLonely Hearts Club By: Elizabeth Eulberg- Ugh! 
BAD: I don't like books with Zero ending!!  It's like the author got bored and said "The End" and I'm like "huh?".  They bad part is a lot of the times it will be a perfectly good book until that. 

Example of a book like this: The List By: Siobhan Vivian, Sophie By: Guy Burt

So that's what I thought this week.  What do you like/dislike in YA books? 

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