Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Books Coming Out 5/19

These are the new books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Sarah Ockler
Finally! Finally! Finally!  I am beyond excited that this book is finally coming out!!!  I need some more Sarah Ockler!!  Jude has taken an oath to stay away from all things Vargas... well the Vargas brothers that is.  But when Emilio is hired to help restore her dad's motorcycle, she sees first hand how hard it is to resist the Vargas charm.  Now she has to decide if her heart is worth the risk.
By: Jennifer Brown
LOVE Jennifer Brown... got this coming via preorder (thanks That Artsy Reader Girl) & can't wait to hold it!!  Ashleigh sends her boyfriend a naked pic before he goes off to college.  But when they go through a bad break-up that text comes back to haunt her.  And it's not only the embarrassment of it, the school and even the police get involved.  Now Ashleigh has to deal with consequences she never once considered when pressing "send".
By: Susane Colasanti
Seth and Skye meet on the beach right before the end of summer.  Then Seth goes to college and Skye back to high school.  Neither of them forgets about the other one and when they meet up again the next summer they wonder if a long-distance relationship can really work.  I liked this author's last book, but I'm really not sure about this one.  It sounds a little insta-love for my liking.
By: Alyssa Rose Ivy
Juliet is learning the hard way that Mr. Right can definitely also be Mr. WTF.  As she goes about her first year of college, she finds out sometimes certain guys don't always live up to the hype.  YAY!  A book about freshman year!!  So needed in my life!
By: Natalie Whipple
Fiona lives in a world where some people have superhuman abilities (X-Menish stuff).  She is one of those people.  She is invisible and her father has been using her to his advantage for far too long.  Her mother and her go on the run.  But her father isn't giving up that easily.
By: Katie Williams
When Paige falls off the school's roof (freak accident), her ghost gets bound to the school.  Now she's stuck wandering the halls, listening in on people's thoughts and finding out their secrets.  But then she finds out a rumor is being spread that her death was no accident, it was a suicide.  Desperate to squash it, she discovers she can possess people, particularly the one person that started all of it.... and why not have a little fun with it while she's at it??  Sounds funny and cute!! 
Other Books Out This Week: 

  • September Girls By: Bennett Madison- A book about mermaids... and apparently a bunch of slut-shaming and boys that are obsessed with talking about their penises.  Yeah I'll be skipping this one!!  Seriously you guys you should read some of the reviews for this book!!!
  • Praefatio By: Georgia McBride- A runaway returns after missing for weeks with a tale of angels and demons.  Everyone thinks she's delusional, but what if she isn't? 
  • Golden Boy By: Abigail Tarttelin- Max is the golden boy: he's athletic, smart, and all around good guy... he's also hiding a really big secret: he's intersex.  So what happens when everyone finds out?
  • Dark Shore (The Atlanteans #2) By: Kevin Emerson- "THE DARK SHORE takes readers on a journey to a question so great, even the gods have trouble answering it: What would you be willing to do, to save humanity from itself?" ~Goodreads

So these are the YA books that are coming out this upcoming week!!  It's not as big of a list this week, but The Book of Broken Hearts and Thousand Words are finally coming out!!  I'm so excited! 

What are you liking this week?


  1. YEAY! it's like the week of contemporaries! So excited about a ton of these :D especially All I Need and the hazards of skinny dipping!

    I've already read the book of broken hearts though :D

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  2. I just read All I Need. It was super sweet, and a bit different from her other books. I really liked it. And I practically jumped up and down when I saw Sarah Ockler's new book out early in the bookstore this weekend. So exciting! It's a great week for releases.

    1. Oooo I would've done a little dance if I saw that book out early!! Good to know All I Need is good... I wanted it to be!

  3. I'm so excited about The Book of Broken Hearts! I've been pining for that book since I've heard of it. ^^

  4. Thousand words was really good and I have been seeing a lot of great reviews on Absent! September Girls though... *runs away screaming*

    1. LOL That's a big NO from me too on that book!!

  5. I love that you do this, but I also hate that you do this :) I want to read everything! (Especially the first 3!)

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