Monday, June 10, 2013

New Books Out 6/9

These are the new books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Kate Karyus
Advertised as Stephen King meets Pretty Little Liars!  A year ago Annaliese was found screaming and covered in blood... but then she vanished.  Now she's back and unable to remember what happened to her, but knowing she is not the girl by the name they are calling her.  From all the reviews I've read, this is a YA horror novel that is not for the faint of heart.
By: Allyson Valentine
Nora is a popular cheerleader on the brink of having it all.  The only thing standing in her way is all the "smart classes" she takes, so out they go.  But then a new student catches her eye.  Adam is in all the advanced classes that she just dropped, so how is she supposed to get noticed?  She needs to figure out a way to live both the chess club and the cheerleading sides of her.
By: Elana K. Arnorld
Ben and his friends go to The Burning Man Festival just for something to do before he leaves for college.  Lala from a family of Gypsies who read fortunes, and she is eerie in the fortunes she's able to tell.  When Lala does Ben's cards they form an instant connection.  A connection that has Lala questioning her upcoming arranged marriage and Ben knowing he's got that track scholarship in San Diego to think about.
By: Tom McNeal
Jeremy Johnson Johnson lives in the town of Never Better with his recluse father.  He not only has a weird name, but he can hear voices.  Specifically the voice of Jacob, one of the Grimm Brothers, who protects Jeremy from evil.  Ginger is a girl who has latched on to Jeremy and from there a strange series of events occur.
 Barbie World (Baby Doll #2)
By: Heidi Acosta
Dylan wants desperately to win Barbie back, but she's been hurt too many times to trust again so easily.  Enter Kai, hot tattooed rocker boy, who probably seems like a much better match.  Then Barbie learns she has a family, and with the help of her friends, embarks on a journey to uncover her past.  Also stop by and enter the GIVEAWAY if you want this one :)
By: Talia Vance
 A Pride and Prejudice retelling.  Berry works as a P.I. for her dad's business, mostly following around cheating scumbags.  She's been doing her own search into her mother's death though.  When newcomer Tanner moves into town he catches her eye, and then keeps showing up everywhere in her investigation.  It's a book where "love and espionage collide".
By: April Henry
Thriller/Mystery.  A teenage girl wakes up in a cabin with no memory of who she is or why she's been beaten.  All she knows is she heard someone tell someone else to "finish her off".  From there she manages to escape and use skills she doesn't even know she has to stay on the run, and stay alive.
Boy Nobody (#1)
By: Allen Zadoff
After his parents were killed, "Benjamin" at age 12 was recruited to join The Program to train to become the ultimate spy/assassin.  Now he's 16 and his life consists of mission after mission.  Even though on the outside he's a total brainwashed killing machine, somewhere inside he's still that somebody who had emotions and dreams for the future.  The only question now is, does he want out bad enough to sabotage this new mission?
By: Leigh Ann Kopans
Merrin is a One, which means she only has one superpower and not two like the Supers.  Bascially she's an outcast freak with a useless power.  But she has dreams:  she wants to do more than just float, she wants to fly... and she's going to do whatever it takes to get into Biotech Hub and "fix" herself.  But then she meets Elias and the two learn that together they can combine their Ones powers and fly!  When she gets accepted into the Hub she figures out their intentions isn't what she thought it was.  So she has to decide: fly solo or fight and save everything she cares about.  This sounds so cool... and I LOVE the cover!
Other Books Out This Week:

  • Born of Illusion (#1) By: Teri Brown- YA Historical Fiction featuring 1920's New York and magicians.
  • One Tiny Lie (Ten Tiny Breaths #2) By: K.A. Tucker- Sequel to the NA Contemporary Ten Tiny Breaths and features Livie heading to Princeton.
  • The Registry By: Shannon Stoker- A YA Dystopian featuring a new America run by The Registry and one girls quest to escape it.
  • Charm & Strange By: Stephanie Kuehn- I'm not 100% on whether this is a book about a boy struggling with being a werewolf, or if it's about a boy who is just struggling to control violent impulses.  Either way it sounds like a book that keeps you guessing.
  • A Matter of Days By: Amber Kizer- An "End of the World" book about a girl's journey through a pandemic.
  • Linked (#1) By: Imogen Howson- A book about a girl thinks she's having visions or hallucinations, but really she's seeing the world through a twins eyes.
  • Infamous (Fame Game #3) By: Lauren Conrad- The reality show series comes to a conclusion.
  • Dance of the Red Death (Masque of the Red Death #2) By: Bethany Griffin- The concluding book to Masque of the Red Death which continues the journey of Araby Worth in her fight for her city and the people she loves.
  • Rush (The Game #1) By: Eve Silver- A YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy series about a girl who is sucked into a game in order to fight aliens.

I'm not like dying dying to read any of these books... but that's a good thing bc I have SO many on my TBR already!!  Another Little Piece looks fab though... and kinda freaky.

*Anything on here that you recommend?  Or any you've been planing on reading?


  1. I'm excited to read One Tiny Lie since I loved the first story so much. I read The Registry a couple of months ago and liked it and I just finished Dance of the Red Death and it was okay. Born of Illusion looks interesting. I'll have to check that one out.

    Cat @ A2H

  2. How (Not) to Find a Boyfriend sounds cute, I just added it to my TBR list! :) Happy reading!

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

  3. How (Not) to Find a Boyfriends looks so adorable. I'd never heard of it before. And The Girl Who Was Suppose To Die, I need to read it now. It looks like the best person ever. And I literally just saw Boy Nobody while cruising on my Bloglovin' this morning.

    Great boooooks. Oh and I cannot wait to see what you thought of A Thousand Words. Wooot, I love Jennifer Brown.

  4. How (Not) to Find a Boyfriend, Burning and The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die sound interesting! I remember liking Masque of the Red Death but I don't feel any pull to read the sequel.