Friday, August 30, 2013

While I was on Vacation...

I went on vacation a few weeks ago and I took the week off from blogging.  I really missed my blog and felt a little guilty not putting up posts, but I also had time to reflect on things.  While I was vacationing I couldn't help thinking about my blog and the state of blogging in general and, well, here's my thoughts:

  • I would really like to better my blog by doing some more personable posts and therefor connecting with you guys more.  I don't feel like I've truly represented my personality completely on this blog so far, so in the future I'm going to do more to really lay it out.  
  • Another thing I realized on vaca was that I really really love doing my blog (even if no one likes it or reads it).  I like it and no amount of negativity is going to stop me from continuing to do it :)
Here are some of my hopes, wishes, and goals:
  • I wish I could read faster (don't we all?).  It would really help if I could actually be ahead on my reading and had reviews banked up.  But I just don't.  I think I would have to take a month off of blogging to be able to be ahead like that and I'm really not willing to do that.  Any advice?  How do you guys get so ahead?
  • My goal is to read more.  There are times when I could read that I don't, so I'm going to get better at reading whenever I have time instead of doing other things.
  • My goal is to post more spontaneous, fun posts.  Stuff like this or just things that are on my mind.
  • I hope that with crazy-busy summer schedules people in the blogging world calm down a little (probably not, bc everyone now has crazy-busy back to school schedules).  What I mean is this summer it seemed like a lot of bloggers have been complaining about not having any time for blogging and basically saying they might quit.  This annoys me a little bit in that we're all super-busy, but if you're not feeling it: quit.  It reminds me of people on Facebook who complain about their lives just so people will tell them how much they love them and stuff.  Like fishing for complements or something.  I mean I love blogging and I just really hate reading about someone who doesn't like doing it.  If you don't like it please do something you do love.
  • I wish people would honor their commitments more.  It makes me sad when I can't take people at their word.  Personally I've done a few blog challenges where the people who are running it quit and it's like What the hell??  You asked me to do the challenge and then YOU'RE the one who can't be bothered?? 
  • I wish people would stop saying that they don't visit blogs.  If you are super busy and not visiting blogs, keep that to yourself please.  When I read people saying, "thanks for all the comments guys, sorry I haven't been visiting any blogs for a while, I've been busy" it's not cool.  You can't expect people to come to your blog if you aren't coming to theirs EVER.  I'm not saying you have to visit every single blogger that comments, but if you see someone consistently visiting you, give them a freaking visit.  It's a total turn-off for me when people act like their too cool and popular to bother looking at other blogs.
  • I hope we can all be friends??  I feel like there's so much competition in the book-blogger arena and I really don't like it.  I wish we could all just be happy with our own little slice of the internet... but that's not really reality.  (I'm super guilty of being jealous of ppls weekly haul posts).  I know it's hard, but I would love to see less jealous and competitiveness and more love for books :)
The Fam on Vaca :)

So what do you think??  Do you have any advice for me on how to get ahead on my reviews?  Is there anything in the blogging world you wish you could change??


  1. I know the challenges thing is supper frustrating. The Let me Count the Ways challenge host shut down her blog in March and just recently started again, but doesn't stay true to the challenge.

    1. Yeah it's fustrating. I know everyone has busy lives and other extenuating circumstances, but it gets annoying when it happens a lot :(

    2. It is really annoying. I have never been able to get ahead on reviews either. I wish I could, but I would have to take time off blogging for that. I will not be review books non Robin Hood related in September so that should help.

  2. I'm ahead on reviews right now only because I participated in 2 read-a-thons pretty close together :)

    1. That's a good idea... a read-a-thon might be able to get me ahead on my reviews :) thank you!

  3. I actually have nine books that have been read and not reviewed. I love reading but sometimes I'm just not in the mood to write reviews and format the posts.

    I try to reciprocate every comment left on my blog, though sometimes it can take up to a week if I'm busy. Sometimes if one of my regular commenters doesn't post for a while, I'll stop by their blog and show some extra love.

    I've been so divided on quitting my blog and then not quitting. I was going to schedule a goodbye post and instead I wrote a review and discussion post. I blame the love/hate relationship on hormones. I also think of leaving my husband every time I PMS. But we're still together. :)

    I participates in one challenge this summer and the host stopped caring halfway through. So eventually I stopped caring and didn't finish it 0/1. Not good odds.

    1. 9 books ahead!! I'm jealous! My reviews have to wait on me to read the books :( It's hard to comment back on every commenter, I totally agree, I just don't like reading people loud and proud that they don't have time to visit blogs like ever.

      (and haha about the back and forth stuff, I am the same way w/ my husband)

  4. I agree with you on the comments thing. I don't get a ton of comments on my blog, so it's probably easier for me than most, but I always try to reciprocate with a comment for anyone who leaves a comment for me and I try to pay more attention to people who comment on my blog frequently. One of my big pet peeves is when I visit and comment on someone's blog constantly and they've never once left a comment on my blog. I don't think people need to comment on my blog every time I've commented on theirs (maybe they don't really care about the book I reviewed that day or whatever), but if I've left 10+ comments on your blog and you've never commented on mine then I'm probably no longer going to comment. And I'm not talking about bigger bloggers who get tons of comments, I'm talking about bloggers who get a handful of comments on posts.

  5. I have no idea how to get ahead on reviews! I am always behind! I get frustrated about people talking about not visiting blogs, too. I get that people get busy but why bring it up so much? I do wish there was a lot less drama and a lot more niceness in the blog world but...

    I hope you had a fun vacation! Love your dress!