Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Reviewers' Roundtable- Bookish Habits

The Reviewers' Roundtable is a weekly discussion feature hosted by me and Emily from Read Your Bookcase.  Each week we discuss a different bookish/blogging topic and hope you guys will share your thoughts too! 

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Bookish Habits

I don't have a TON of bookish habits.  I think I might be OCD at times, but not really when it comes to reading.  But here is a list of things I do:

I will read pretty much anywhere... even in the car.  

I will eat and drink while reading, and sometimes I spill... oops!!!

I always watch TV while I read.  My husband is jealous that I can read with the TV on because he needs quiet in order to concentrate.  I am really good at tuning things out.  Like a bomb could go off while I'm watching Pretty Little Liars and I wouldn't hear it.  Or someone could talk to me for 15 minutes before I'll realize it if I'm really into a book.

I prefer to read somewhere comfy like my bed or my fav chair in our living room... but I think I would read in a pile of broken glass if I was into the book enough.

I don't think I could listen to music while reading.  I'm really good at tuning things out, so what would be the point?  At least with the TV I can look up every now and again and get something out of it... what would I get out of tuning in for 5 seconds of a song I've heard 100 times?

I usually read at night because I am basically a vampire.  Daylight hurts.

I NEVER re-read.  I just don't have time.

Some Bad Habits:

  • I am kind of rough on books.  I throw them in my purse and change gets all stuck between the pages... I dog-ear, I spill food like I said earlier.  Sometimes I get really embarrassed when I have to take library books back :(
  • I read endings!  I'm trying not to do it as much as I used to but sometimes I just can't help myself.
  • I skim... if I'm about to DNF, I'll skim parts of the book just to get through it.  Or if there is a really loooong paragraph describing a lake or a cloud, I skim.
  • I don't like to lend books.  Is that stingy??  

SO what are your bookish habits?  Do you like to read in the morning, after work, before bed??  Do you like a quiet environment, or are you like me and you don't care?  Do you take extra special care of your books, or do you tend to throw them around like I do??


  1. yup I read anywhere, hardly ever ever re-read- has to be a good reason, I can't listen to music either. I do read during the day if I am on my break or lunch at work.

  2. Haha wow I'm so jealous that you can read with the TV on! I constantly want to spend time with my boyfriend at night, but also want to read...the solution: I should read while he watches TV/plays video games. Except I CAN'T. It's impossible for me to tune voices out when I'm reading and it's probably one of my least favorite things about reading.

  3. I can watch TV and I love listening to music while reading. I don't lend books either, because I'm careful and I don't want anyone to ruin them. I DON'T read endings, that spoils all the fun for me. I don't get why people do that, haha. If I'm about to DNF, I also skim. I'm afraid I might stop at a turning point where everything starts to get interested.

  4. whew! i thought I was the only one who had habits. Lets see I can definitely understand. I do eat and drink when I read and I try so hard not to. I used to be worse. Last night I kept trying to shove a pint of iced cream in my mouth and I kept throwing the book to the side as the iced cream slid off the spoon! I read everywhere too. A bad habit is reading while walking down stairs. I will wind up in the hospital one day for that! I do not know how you can watch tv or have any noise going on while reading. That I cannot do. But you go!!! I read in bed all the time. I prefer it I like to be comfortable. But I bring books with me everywhere so train, doctors office, etc. I will have a book with me. But bed is my favorite place and YES! I am a vampire I believe. I do read in the day but I try to get other things done like answer emails and save my reading for when the sun goes down. I do re-read but not often. In fact, I have a shelf on Goodreads that is my "Read it Twice" shelf. There is only one book there lol! But short stories sometimes I have to read twice. I do not know what it is.

    So I used to be a end page reader and a skimmer but I have dropped those habits. I used to laugh. Reading the last page does not ruin it. Skimming tends too lol! I am not rough on my books. My grandmother raised me so we had a lot of old, first edition books on our bookshelf so I feel it disrespectful to have my book ruined in anyway. As a matter of fact. I had a book in my bed last night and I leaned in to grab something, not realizing it was there, a softcovered book, and I bent the cover. I wanted to die! I was like "OH NO! Look at what it looks like!" Truth be told, it is not that bad. And I do not to like to lend books, even to my own mother!! I get worried I will never see them again or she will ruin them (yes, the same person raised by my grandmother lol!)

    My other habits are well I said taking books everywhere with me. I sleep with about four books in my bed every night. In case I wake up and cannot sleep. But not just one, there are always three to four books in my bed lol!

    I read instead of doing other things like washing dishes. (my poor husband)

    I used to be a page folder. But after going to ComicCon this year, I snatched enough free bookmarks to read all the classics and not leave a dent! Again with the way I was raised, it was always hard for me to fold a page. I would even use a piece of paper or a post it for a bookmark. Now I have nice ones. I will not spend money on what Barnes and Noble calls bookmarks.

    I read with as little light as possible. I know. It cannot be good for my eyes. The light is in a bad place in my room and I have to read leaning to the right (I do not know why) but the light is to my left. I guess a book light would help.

    I think that is it. This was an awesome idea for a blog!

    1. Yeah you should definitely get a book light or something. I heard reading in poor lighting is the main cause of eye strain which causes people to have to get glasses. And I love that you sleep with books IN your bed!! Awesome!!!

  5. I can't watch tv while reading, or listen to music. I can often tune my kids out while I read though. I read while eating all the time. I actually have a hard time eating without a book. I feel like I'm wasting time.
    I'm gentle on my books but I love to loan them out. Really I just want my friends and family to read them so I can see how much they love it and feel really proud that I GAVE them that happiness. I don't like when my books get worn out by them but usually it's worth it.
    Fun post!

    1. I am really good at tuning out my kid when I'm reading too LOL... I probably shouldn't admit that.

  6. I read with the TV on too (and peek at endings)! I love curling up on the couch to read, but to be honest, I've found myself reading in a lot of places, or getting distracted and just standing while reading. One time, when a sequel I was really excited for came out, I walked back from the bookstore and through town reading it. I just couldn't stop! :) Fun post!

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

    1. Ack you could've killed yourself walking through town reading!!! Your lucky you didn't trip over a curb and fall into the street! But then again people with their damn iPhones are forever walking around not looking where they're going and **most** of them make it out alive!