Saturday, June 21, 2014

New Books Out Week of 6/22

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Stephanie Kuehn
When Jamie's older sister Cate went to juvie for burning a horse barn down, the entire town was relieved.  Crazy Cate Henry did a lot of bad and weird things.  But now she's getting out, and she's coming for Jamie.  Because Cate has secrets to share with Jamie, and she's determined to tell him what he's not supposed to know.

(Pretenders #2)
By: Lisi Harrison
The Phoenix 5 are back!!  The secret journals of the 5 most outstanding Freshman from last years class continue with more secrets and lies.

By: Chris Van Etten
Cole and Greg love editing Wikipedia pages to make the articles full of fake information.  They love it even more when their classmates give reports on famous people and actually use the fake info they posted.  It's their favorite form of entertainment.  When a soccer player steals Cole's girlfriend, they're off to Wikipedia to make up a page just for him.  They even make up a fake death... and to their horror, it comes true!!  Now someone is making up Wikipedia pages for more classmates and carrying out death predictions... and Cole is next unless he can figure out who is behind it all.

(In the After #2)
By: Demetria Lunetta
The conclusion to In the After finds Amy on a quest to save Baby.

By: Anna Davies
Briana doesn't get the staring role she was dying for in the school's production of Hamlet.  Instead she gets to be the drama departments social media director... big whoop.  She enthusiastically sends out Tweets to her skimpy amount of followers.  When someone hacks her account, she really could care less.  But the Tweets the hacker sends out are no joke.  Her Twitter account is now telling people the location of bodies... including Briana's rival for that staring role.

By: Dahlia Adler
Ally takes a job as her best friend's assistant on TV's hottest teen drama.  She has no interest in being famous or acting... she just wants to get enough money to go to Colombia and study abroad someday.  On-set Ally and Vanessa's co-star Liam have instant chemistry which is an added bonus.  But right after their first kiss, the publicist for both actors arrange for Vanessa and Liam to "date" for the tabloids.  Now Ally finds herself threatened with the loss of her first love, her BFF, and her future dreams.

(Smith High #4)
By: Marni Bates
Melanie likes her best friend's little brother... but his age and proximity to Mackenzie might be crossing some sort of line.  If she goes to prom with someone else, will she lose him forever?  Isobel is fine with being known as a geek.  Then she gets a proposal from popular Spencer to change her reputation... but the repercussions are more than what she bargained for.  And Corey and his rockstar boyfriend are finding that because of protesters, they might not be able to go to the prom together after all.

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

A lot of Book 2's come out this week!!  I know a lot of you are excited for In the End (I still need to read In the After... oops!!).  I am super pumped for Complicit.  It sounds creepy.  I also want to read that 2nd Pretenders book (guilty pleasure!) and Wickedpedia!!  What are you going to read for this first official week of Summer??


  1. Oh, that Wickedpedia cover is creeepppy! And so is Followers *shudders*

  2. I'm so excited to read the Things You Kissed Goodbye!! It sounds amazing!!

  3. Wow, the premise for Wickedpedia is pretty awesome. And the cover is wicked scary! ;) And I agree w/Christy, so is Followers!

  4. I totally agree... both books look and sound super creepy!! And I like creepy!