Monday, June 23, 2014

Another Little Piece by Kate Karyus Quinn

Another Little Piece

A year ago, Annaliese Rose Gordon disappeared at a high school field party.  She was seen emerging from the woods at the party screaming and drenched in blood... and then she was never seen again.  

Now, a year later and a few hundred miles away, some people stumble upon a strange girl dressed in a garbage bag.  This girl is apparently Annaliese... at least that's what the DNA says.  But the person inside Annaliese's body has no memory of who she is, only that she's NOT Annaliese.  

She's got to figure out why she's having horrible nightmares and visions, what they mean, how she got in Annaliese's body, and what the big picture really is.  

The more pieces she fits into place, the more that picture is starting to look really twisted.

Totally out there.  That is this book.  I mean off-the-wall, weird, insane, WTF.  I honestly do not know how to describe this.  I tried to tell my husband about it and seriously when I said it out loud, it sounded ridiculous.  But the thing is, when I was reading it, it didn't seem all THAT absurd, which I guess means the author did a good job selling it.  But describing it??  Super hard.

For the first 1/3 of the book I had NO idea what was going on.  I felt really lost and really frustrated.  It reminded me of when I read Jellicoe Road.  But unlike Jellicoe Road, it became a lot more clear what the deal was as the book went on.  "Annaliese" is trying to figure out who she is and why she keeps having visions and memories of being other girls.  She also is confronted by a boy from school who says really cryptic things to her and gives her a razor engraved with girl's names.  What part this razor plays, she has no idea, but if the bloody, horrific visions are any indication, it's not good.

And it's really gross.

She finds help in the loner next door neighbor, Dex, who is more understanding than anyone should be.  Except he has a secret too.  And his secret and Annaliese's make them connected in a really odd and perfect way.

So did I like this book?  I enjoyed reading it.  It was entertaining as heck.  I don't know if I can actually SAY I liked it because it was just SO out there.  And like I said, looking back on what the actual plot is, it seems a little hard to believe.

The reasons behind why Annaliese switches bodies seems really dumb when I stop and think about it.  And I'm still not really sure I buy how that whole ending went down.  Don't want to spoil things, but it wrapped up REALLY fast and in a round about way.

I would recommend for anyone who wants to read something different from their same old, same old.  No clue where the author came up with this idea, but it was definitely unique... and really twisted.

Quote: "Everything was too much to give anyone.  And yet somehow still not enough to get what you really wanted."

OVERALL: The book started out by confusing the heck out of me, but it eventually became a super addicting read.  The premise is totally out there, but somehow the author managed to sell me on it while I was reading it.  Afterwards, I'm not so sure.  It's not for the faint of heart.  Lots and lots of horror.

How I got this book: Thanks to my Broke and Bookish Secret Santa Heather!!
Date Published: 6/11/2013
Publisher: HarperTeen

Add it to your To-Read List!!

This Book Includes:
  • Blood... buckets of it
  • People eating hearts
  • Western New York setting
  • Memory loss
  • Sex
  • Disturbing scenes
  • Poems- I really liked the poems

My Rating: 4/5


  1. This has such a pretty cover and I got nervous when you compared it to Jellicoe Road in the confusing way (because I was SO confused with JR too and finally stopped...but I'll try again when it's not in audio form). But I'm SO glad that it started to clear up for you and that it became very interesting, even if it was still WAY out there. Great review, Michelle!

  2. I LOVE the cover!! This is much better than Jellicoe Road!! I don't like feeling confused and LUCKILY it stopped being so confusing pretty early on.

  3. Great review! I think I liked it more than you did but I absolutely agree with the WTF feeling, haha! I too tried to describe the book to my Man, without success. My description was so lame and ordinary when this book was anything but!

  4. I've been looking for a good review of this, a review that could encourage me, and this is it. I like that it sounds twisted and strange, I'm loving mystery type books with some twistedness in them at the moment, and I like that this looks like something it's not from the cover, deceiving, I like it. Thank you for this Michelle, me likey this book on my TBR now.

  5. I loved the cover so much and I hoped that I'd like it too...but I didn't and I just couldn't. I feel like I felt a lot of the same things you were feeling. I was confused and I did't believe what was happening. Instead, I felt like that the entire book. This one just wasn't for me.