Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday- Cover Trends I Like/Dislike

Top Ten Tuesday is a really cool original feature/weekly meme created over at The Broke and The Bookish.  Each week they post a new Top Ten List that bloggers join in on answering... and today (June 24th) I'm one of them :)

Today's Topic

Top Ten Book Cover Trends I Like/Dislike

Ok so here's 8 :)

Trends I Like

1.  Hair

  • I don't know why I like it, but I just think it looks cool.

2.  Simple

  • I love simplicity.  I think this might be my favorite "trend".  Less can be so much more sometimes.  I really love that Dreamland redesign cover.  It's SO simple and pretty.  And Twenty Boy Summer will always be one of my favs.

3.  Font

  • Cool fonts are always eye-catching for me.  Whether it be swirly fun stuff, unique fonts, or plain old everyday fonts in fun colors... I love to look at fonts.  Everything Leads to You!!  How cool is that font??  And the PLL books all have awesome swirly scripty fonts, which I love.

4.  Dresses/Outfits

  • I know this one is way played out.  But I like looking at pretty clothes!!  It doesn't have to be a dress... any cute outfit will make me look twice.  I love the tights on the girl from And We Stay.  And the skirt on the girl from the paperback of Smart Girls is SO cute!!

Trends I Dislike

1.  The Dreaded Almost Kiss

  • I know I've told you about these before, but ICK!!  So sick of this!!

2.  Dystopian Government Symbols

  • How many dystopians have to come out with circular government symbols on the covers??  I get it, you want to be like The Hunger Games, but I'm freaking bored!!!

3.  The White "Handwritten" Font

  • So So SO over this trend.  First of all, as far as fonts go, it's ugly.  Second, it looks unprofessional.  And last, it makes me think all those covers look the same even though they don't.

4.  The WTF Redesigns

  • Sometimes I really HATE when they redesign the cover for paperback or rerelease.  If the book is super well-known for it's cover, WHY ARE YOU CHANGING IT??  Maybe I just don't like change.  But seriously Hysteria is PERFECT in the original.  I would not even know that was the same book looking at that paperback.  And Out of the Easy??  What the heck is that monstrosity that they changed it to??  I just feel like when a book becomes synonymous with a certain cover, don't mess with it.  And if you do, it better be damn good and not these pitiful redesign choices!

So those are my favorite and nonfavorite cover trends.  I am obsessed with looking at book covers, so this topic was really fun for me.  What trends are you loving and what ones are you over??


  1. I have to agree, I'm a little bit of a fan of pretty outfits, not always the dress, just the cute outfit that I myself would wear, draws my eye, makes me interested, it's basically why I chose And We Stay, I loved the black on white snow and how contrasting it was! I don't mind some fonts, I'm very picky; if it's too swirly, get out of my face, if it's smooth and works well with the style or genre, then it's all good, swirl away! Great choices hunny! :D

  2. I love pretty dresses on covers too :) I didn't even realize the dystopians all have that circular symbol but wow that does look unoriginal when you have them all together like that.

  3. I'm so with you on the re-designs, especially when it's in a series and then they all look different. And I love the different fonts! I hadn't thought of the hair trend but you're so right, it is a really cool trend. Great post! Thanks for stopping by my TTT! (Reading on the Farm)

  4. Those cover redesigns!!! I just don't get it...at all. Like you I dislike the change for Hysteria and Out of Easy. Just no.

  5. I just don't get cover redesigns. Especially if there's nothing particularly wrong with it in the first place. You're so right about the white font!

  6. Ha yes! The Almost Kiss is certainly one of these trends I dislike the most. And they all look the same!

  7. Almost kiss is REAL ANNOYING! And so are stupid ridiculous redesigns that make no sense at all! But I do love crazy hair!
    Thanks for stoppin' by! Have a great week!

  8. Oh, I didn't even think about the dystopian/government symbols, but that's a good one. Those are so boring! :) And I also dislike the almost kiss and the redesigns that didn't need to happen. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Yes! Simplistic covers are my THANG and I love the font covers. I hate Divergent's cover though because of the symbol. Uuuuggllyyy. Such great picks!

  10. Bahaha dude I agree 100% with all of these! The almost-kiss covers are the worst! And the govmnt ones are just so boring! My favorites are definitely ones with wonderful font. I think a font can really make or break a cover no matter the image used. Also yes on hair ones! This is Not A Test is one of my all time favs!!!

  11. Great list! The almost-kiss covers are awful, I hate them! They made my list. Pretty dresses are too overused atm, so I am getting a little sick of them. I'm a big fan of the simple design, think it works a lot better.

  12. I love, love, love actual fonts on books. Simple fonts and pretty covers just draw me in. And yes, I agree, the almost-kiss makes me want to gag. I almost missed out on some pretty good books bc yes, I judge books by their covers.

    I must admit.