Friday, April 17, 2015

New Books Out Week of 4/12

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Courtney Summers
It's here, it's here... we can all do a little dance because the release date is here!!!  This book sounds like it gives a heartbreaking and powerful look at sexual assault and the culture and stigma that exists surrounding it.

By: Lance Rubin
Today is the day Denton will die.  He's known about it for years, because in his world everybody knows their deathdates.  His deathdate is far from the normal sitting around waiting for it to happen like most people's is.  His is full of twists and turns, adventure, secrets, and even a contagious rash or two.

By: Stacy Stokes
When an accident takes Taylor's life, she's forced to walk a staircase that journeys through her past.  There she finds out the mystery behind her best friend's betrayal.

(App #2)
By: Katie Sise
Blake is the queen bee of Harrison High, then she meets Leo and starts to think maybe being queen bee doesn't mean being queen bitch.  But then everyone becomes obsessed with The Pretty App, and somehow Blake finds herself rising to internet-fame when her pic is voted one of the prettiest.  Soon she is cast on a reality show where everybody is out for themselves.

By: Juliana Romano
Hailey and Lima were best friends... but when 10th grade starts, Hailey abandons Lima for a more popular crowd and to get closer to her crush, Nate.  Lima moves on and when she starts spending time with Nate, they form a friendship and maybe something more.  Lima knows Hailey can never find out, but soon the secrets become harder and harder to keep.

By: Chris McCoy
Bennett couldn't be more stunned when his dream girl, Sophie, agrees to go to Prom with him... and then promptly gets abducted by aliens.  So what does he do?  He hitches a ride with an alien rock band into outer space.

By: Delilah S. Dawson
When Valor National Bank bails the U.S. out of debt by buying them out, the country goes to chaos.  When suits show up at Patsy's house demanding she pay her family's debt, she's forced to become a bounty hunter for them.  She has to kill 10 people or her mom dies.  And when she gets the list, she finds out they aren't 10 strangers.

By: Susan Juby
Normandy and her friends have formed The Truth Commission as part of a project.  Their goal is to ask the hard questions and get to the truth about people at their art school.  But Normandy has secrets in her life that she has to get to the bottom of first.

(This is What Happy Looks Like #1.5)
By: Jennifer E. Smith
A novella that reunites Ellie and Graham for one night in Manhattan.

(The Silver Trilogy#1)
By: Kerstin Gier
Liv's dreams keep getting weirder and weirder and also seem to feature a group of boys at her new school.  When these classmates seem to know things about her in real life, she embarks on solving the mystery of what is really going on.

By: Kimberly McCreight
An infant is found dead in the woods outside a small town.  New to town, reporter Molly gets the call to cover the story.  What she finds is a string of sexual assaults that goes back 20 years.

By: Sara Taylor
Rachel is an outcast, but then she finds Fern and forms a metal band.  Soon they find the metal scene to be not that girl friendly and it leads them down a path of death and destruction.

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

Oh my I got behind on getting this out!!  But AHHHH I'm so excited that All the Rage is finally in stores!!  I hope everybody buys a copy and it sells really well.  It's so exciting when your *favorite* author comes out with something new!  I also am dying to read First There Was Forever, Where the Staircase Endsand Where They Found Her.  I usually don't feature Adult books on here, but since Reconstructing Amelia was borderline YA (and it was awesome), I had to put her new book on this list.  I am also super curious about Boring Girls.  It sounds anything but boring!!  Happy weekend reading :)

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