Friday, February 19, 2016

So Obsessed... (14)

It's time for another update on my obsessions!!  Between the Broke and Bookish Secret Santa and the On the Same Page Secret Sister Project, it's got me thinking about stuff I like, stuff my friends like, and my changing obsessions in general.  So I decided to start telling you guys what my obsessions are when I get them.

Gilmore Girls

  • If you follow me on Twitter, you may have been annoyed recently by my binge watch of the Gilmore Girls for the first time.  When I found out about the upcoming Netflix relaunch, I decided that I finally HAD to watch this widely beloved series and see what all the fuss was about.  I'm not completely finished watching (I'm on the final season), but I have some thoughts:
  • Starting out- I totally loved the cute mother-daughter dynamic.  The way they play off each other and follow where the other is going conversationally, is pretty darn cute.  And impressive because let's face it, Lorelei's way of thinking is sometimes super hard to follow.  As the show progressed, I began to think that I would have liked the show better in my younger, Dawson's Creek watching days.  Not to say I don't get the appeal, because I became COMPLETELY hooked and could not stop watching for days and days on end.... but most of the time I was watching, I was pissed off at 99% of all the characters on the show.  I think when I was younger I had a better ability to let some things go by and not get annoyed by them.
  • Lorelei went from quirky and funny, to annoying "best friend" mom, to "my kid can do no wrong" mom, to total hypocrite, to boyfriend pusher- mom, to "shouldn't have a boyfriend because she treats them like crap" woman, to "only is a good friend when it suits her" friend, to "holy stubborn can't ever let anything go" woman, to "now allows all guys to treat her like shit and never say anything (but stand there with that face)" girlfriend.
  • Rory- I thought she was a cool girl.  At first.  I mean, she was in high school, she was young.  A lot of her deficiencies weren't her fault because she not only has her mother telling her that she walks on water, but she has an ENTIRE town who wants to crown her princess of the world.  But as she went to college, she SUCKED.  I started really liking Lorelei and HATING Rory.  Hated, hated.  The thing with Dean???  And how she NEVER once admitted that what she did had major consequences for everybody but her???  Then the yacht thing and what she did to her mother???  And just how she sits up on her pedestal like everything is sure to work out because she's "SO DAMN SPECIAL".  I didn't find her special.  I found her plain and boring and blah.  And how many friends does the girl have?  2.  Lane, who after HS she only talks to when she has no other options, and Paris, who she frequently denies even being friends with.  That says a lot to me.  How do you not make friends at college?  You suck, that's how.
  • The boys- I'm sorry but I'm totally #TeamChristopher and #TeamJess.  
  • Hear me out- I like Luke, I really do.  But what he did when April showed up, to me, was unforgivable.  He treated Lorelei like she didn't matter.  And I just can't forget that.  He was supposed to be "all in" with her, but when he finds out this GIANT, HUGE thing about his life, he keeps it from her, and then lets everybody else be involved except the woman he's going to marry???  It felt like he did that intentionally just to hurt her.  Christopher has his issues, no doubt, but he's adorable, and he at least attempts to change and be a better guy.
  • Jess is a case of default.  Dean sucks.  He just does.  He's that guy that likes you too much, and he just keeps doing all these things that should be adorable and sweet, but since you don't REALLY like him, every time he does it you just find it pathetic and annoying.  Maybe you don't want to feel that way, because he's a nice guy, but that's just the way it is.  Logan is a dick.  He's a spoiled rich-kid who, yes, has a character arc that steers him away from that and more towards change, but I personally can't get that "I'm better than everybody" smirk out of my mind when he comes around.  And Rory is SO pathetic about him.  The minute she laid on her bathroom floor crying "why doesn't he like me???", I was beyond done with her and Logan.  So Jess it is.  He cares about Rory even if he does lack major communication skills.  He believes in her, and NOT in the way everybody else does.  Everybody else believes in her because she's their "special snowflake".  Jess believes in her because he SEES her for her.
  • Suggestions- I think I would have liked this show better if Lorelei and Rory weren't SO self-involved.  They are both very "it's all about me and my problems" people.  I also think some of the potential in many of the characters is never explored.  It almost feels lazy at times.  And for all Lorelei and Rory's claims that they are "best friends", they rarely tell each other the important stuff.  They hide just as much from each other as typical mothers/daughters, so quit saying different.
  • That's my excessive, rambled POV on the Gilmore Girls.  Asides from all of this- I still really want to watch the reboot.  And I like the show in general because it made me feel FEELINGS.  Even if those feelings were mostly of the eye-rolling variety.

Project Runway Junior

  • I usually watch Project Runway every season.  I really love seeing the fashions and creations that people come up with!!  I also LOVE Heidi Klum and disagreeing with the judges in my head (they barely ever pick the outfits that I would pick to win).
  • But now, they've just finished airing the first Project Runway Junior.  I was nervous to watch it because in general, I don't like to watch real life teenagers on TV.  I find them annoying.  Sorry!!!  I just can't stand hearing people talk about selfies and Instagram and Justin Bieber and really annoying slang (like saying the word "hashtag" out loud before everything).  But these kids, I could totally watch.  They were adorable and cool and super positive and nice to each other.  I was so impressed with their talent and poise.  The worst outfits of the week were almost always better than the worst outfits from regular Project Runway, and these kids were 13-17!!!  I was SO happy the person who won, won!!  He/she was my fav all season.
  • I can't say enough how envious I am of these young people.  To have such talent and direction in life at such a young age??  I'm still trying to figure out what I'm good at and I am double some of their ages!

Getting My 90's Style On

  • One thing you should know about me: I'm a 90's girl.  I love the 90's and have been going through all sorts of 90's nostalgia-fever lately.  Everywhere I go, the 90's seem to be back.  I go to the mall, and I see Sunflower print everything, overalls, flannels, and the ever-dreaded Scrunchies.  The above are the 90's fashions I'm into at the moment:
  • Daisy Choker, Knotted Choker, Velvet Choker
  • Babydoll DressFloral Print ShirtCrop Top/Skirt
  • and of course- Thigh Highs


  • I'm still reading SUPER SLOW, but I'm trying to change that by starting The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich.  I actually just got it from my Secret Sister, and immediately bumped it to the top of my reading list.  Main reason being- did you see the photos from above??  I love books that use different forms of media to tell the story.  This book includes newspaper clippings, journal entries, audio transcriptions, photos, etc.
  • I also have not read a YA Horror in I don't know how long, so I can't wait to get into this one.

Now I want to talk to you guys.  What are your recent obsessions?  Are you a Gilmore Girls fan?  Are you #TeamJess, or do we need to stop being friends because you are #TeamDean?  Hahaha JUST KIDDING!!  Did you watch Project Runway Junior?  Thoughts?  Are you digging the 90's style comeback these past few years?  

And lastly, what are you reading??  Any recommendations to get me out of my SLOW reading slump?

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  1. You surpassed me in Gilmore Girls! I've taken an unintentional break because life has been so busy :-( I'm determined to finish it before the reunion though! I'm just about done with Season 3!

  2. You have voiced my EXACT thoughts about Lorelei and Rory. Lorelei was so damn stubborn about her parents and I felt like she never appreciated them. So what if they were controlling when she was a TEENAGER and made stupid choices? Get over it!
    And I HATED Rory so much. Weirdly, I still loved the show even though these two irritate me so much and I'm looking forward to the reunion.

    1. Exactly!! I get so annoyed with both Rory and Lorelei at times, but I still HAVE to watch!! Most dramas are like that to an extent, but usually I have one character in a show that I consistently relate to and root for. This one I really don't.

  3. Oh, I love the 90's!! I don't think I could pull off most of the style, except maybe the flannel. haha I didn't really watch Gilmore Girls when it was live. I watched a lot of episodes on reruns though and I tended to favor the earlier ones. I LOVE Jess though. :)

    Yay for reading The Dead House. I read that last month and really enjoyed it. I'm doing the Secret sister for the first time this year. It's loads of fun.


    p.s. just followed you on twitter!

    1. Yay for Team Jess!! I hope your first Secret Sister experience is awesome!! I've had a lot of fun with it :)

  4. I started watching the Gilmore Girls for the first time last year. I haven't made it all the way through the series...I haven't even made it all the way through season one! But, so far I've really enjoyed it. I think I would have adored it more as a youngster as well, but I had such disdain for the shows everyone was talking about.

    Gotta get my hands on the Dead House! I love spooky stories, and I'm really intrigued by the different forms of media used to tell the story. I'll definitely be on the look out for this one.

    1. I found the show much more endearing in the earlier seasons. As it goes on, the drama and the way Rory and Lorelei act becomes very annoying. But also addicting!

  5. Hi, just found your blog (adorable) and liked this post even though not a single thing here applies to me, however, my newest obsession is Funko POPS!-so I thought I would share that!! LOL

    1. Thank you so much!! And YES to Funko Pops!! I may have to put them on my next obsessions list because I'm getting mildly out of hand with my collection :)