Thursday, February 23, 2017

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego-- and My Favorite Authors??

Sorry this really isn't about my girl Carmen-- it's about authors who don't have upcoming books.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not really a patient person.  I tend to get antsy if an author I like publishes a book and doesn't have another one on deck-- at least one that's been sold and announced.  Once their newest book comes out, I go into Goodreads stalker mode and check their page way too many times to see if I missed hearing something.  I have issues.

My Opinion: Authors should publish a book every year.  

In a pure and perfect world, all my favorite authors would publish a book per year (or at least every 18 months).  But Michelle, you say, books take time to perfect.  You can't rush art, you say.  And I'm sure that's true and all-- but I WANT THE BOOKS!!!

Here are some authors that are currently MIA and therefor TORTURING ME:

Huntley Fitzpatrick
  • Last Book Released: The Boy Most Likely To-- August 2015
  • I LOVE Huntley Fitzpatrick.  I follow her on Facebook (which is unusual for me, but she puts up really interesting content about her family and writing process and life in general), and she sometimes talks about how she is writing something... but WHAT??  I need to know what and WHEN???

Lynn Weingarten
  • Last Book Released: Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls-- July 2015
  • I read Suicide Notes and Wherever Nina Lies and both were super interesting mysteries-- and I want to read more and I want to know when that more is coming.

Anthony Breznican
  • Last Book Released: Brutal Youth-- June 2014
  • This author is originally from Pittsburgh, so when Brutal Youth came out, I was all over it.  It was so unique and dark and ughhhh I need more like that.  I was impressed and can't wait to see what else he has up his sleeve.

Lauren Saft
  • Last Book Released: Those Girls-- June 2015
  • I know not everybody liked Those Girls as much as I did... but honestly it was probably my favorite book that I got at BEA 2015.  I really hope she writes more (and soon).

Bethany Neal
  • Last Book Released: My Last Kiss-- June 2014
  • So, I didn't love this book, but I liked it enough to want more-- and now it's been almost 3 years!!

Abigail Haas aka Abby McDonald
  • Last Book Released: Dangerous Boys-- August 2014
  • I admit I haven't read Dangerous Boys yet (I was supposed to read it with Cassi, & she knows what she did), but I own it, and I will read it soon enough.  The thing is, Dangerous Girls was SO good!!  Like the BEST YA Mystery I've ever read.  SO PLEASE MISS HAAS/MCDONALD, GIVE ME MORE OF YOUR GENIUS!!

Sarah Ockler
  • Last Book Released: The Summer of Chasing Mermaids-- June 2015
  • The Summer of Chasing Mermaids is the only Sarah Ockler book that I have left to read-- after that ?????  What am I supposed to do with myself.  Also, I miss her terribly and am getting anxious knowing there's no new release to pine over!

Jody Casella
  • Last Book Released: Thin Space-- September 2013
  • This was another book that I didn't LOVE, but thought it had a super interesting concept.  I'd definitely like to read more by her, so ???  It's been over 3 years!

Michael Hassan
  • Last Book Released: Crash and Burn-- February 2013
  • This is one of my favorite books of EVER.  I fell completely in love with it and I really don't know what's up with this author.  His Twitter is abandoned & I'm really starting to think this is the only book I'll ever get from him.  Which is sad, but I'm happy I at least got this one perfect book.

Louise Rozett
  • Last Book Released: Confessions series--June 2013
  • Oh how I LOVED this series.  The final book was only released as an ebook, so that has me nervous.  Are there more Rose books in her future??  Are there other stories??

John Green
  • Last Book Released: The Fault in Our Stars-- January 2012
  • I know what this guy's been busy doing (getting every book he's ever written or thought about made into a movie), but 2012 was a long time ago Mr. Green!!  Can you maybe write some more books and do less executive producing???

Kat Ellison
  • Last Book Released: Notes from Ghost Town-- February 2013
  • I just realized that Kat Ellison has another book that came out in 2012 called The Butterfly Clues-- and I am definitely adding that to the TBR-- but other than these books, there's been nothing.

Erica Lorraine Scheidt
  • Last Book Released: Uses for Boys-- January 2013
  • Wow, Uses for Boys was so powerful, gritty, and dark.  It was so honest and brave.  I was fully expecting lots more from this author, but where has she been??

Laura Buzo
  • Last Book Released: Love and Other Perishable Items aka Good Oil-- December 2012
  • This is an Aussie writer and I SUPER loved this book-- but OMG it usually takes a while for the US to publish Australian books, so that means even if she does publish something in the near future, I'm not going to be able to read it.

Stephen Chbosky
  • Last Book Released: The Perks of Being a Wallflower-- February 1999
  • Seriously dude, you dropped this gem on the world almost 20 years ago-- and then NOTHING ELSE??  I know that he's busy with movie stuff (he's directing Wonder and wrote the screenplay for the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie), but still....

Amy Efaw
  • Last Book Released: After-- August 2009
  • This book blew me away-- somehow the author was able to take a main character who did something TERRIBLE and make me have sympathy for her.  I thought it showed so much talent.  But she's been MIA ever since :(

Honorable Mentions:

  • Jandy Nelson (Goodreads SAYS there's a book from her coming in 2017, but I have my doubts), Rainbow Rowell (nothing since Carry On), Jesse Andrews (okay, he had a book out in 2016, but I still want something to look forward to), Nova Ren Suma, Courtney Summers (I know she's working on something, but WHAT???), Gillian Flynn (another John Green situation, but I need more fucked-upness in my life).

So just because I don't KNOW about the books doesn't mean there aren't any that are being whipped up-- but until I KNOW, I'm going to be anxious to know.  Do you get panicked when authors go MIA?  Which authors do you want to come out of hiding?

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  1. As soon as my favorite authors release a new book, I'm waiting for the next one. Kate Morton is one of my favorite authors, and she makes a lot of references on her Instagram to a new book she is working on, but it's so hard because she never gives a potential release date!

    1. I hate when authors do that!! They talk about writing, but don't tell you what it is or when it's going to be done!! I know they probably don't know and that's why, but IT STILL HURTS!!

  2. lol I do feel a little panicky when my authors disappear on me. I LOVE Rainbow Rowell and Carry On was my favorite read last year (it came out in 2015 but I didn't get to read it until early last year). I REALLY want her to write something new. Anytime my husband gets a favorite author they disappear on him: George RR Martin and Patrick Rothfuss. lol!

    1. ohhhh good to know about Carry On!! I've been iffy if I wanted to start it because I'm nervous!

  3. Yes! I love this post and definitely feel this way about certain authors. Honestly thought I want good books and not just a lot so I can usually wait. But once it get to like two years I am definitely itching for new stuff. John Green is one I would love to see what he does after all these years and if his stuff would be different now. Great post!

    1. I totally agree-- I want the good books!! I just don't have the patience. It's like with Jandy Nelson-- it was totally worth the wait for I'll Give You the Sun because it was SO PERFECT!! And YES, I totally want to see how John Green's writing would change from all his time away!

  4. Omg you're so right! I love this post. I am definitely waiting on more from sooo many of these - Chbosky, Green, Ockler, Fitzpatrick, Haas!

  5. Love this post! I loved the Confessions of an Angry Girl series so much. Where is another Jennifer Echols book??? It's sad that these authors have gone away and all we seem to get is mostly mediocre and over cliche YA books..

    Nereyda│ Nick & Nereyda’s Infinite Booklist

    1. I totally forgot about Jennifer Echols!! I wanted to read that Superlatives series and never got around to it!!

  6. Yes! I completely agree. One book per year is ideally. I think that's a huge part of why I loved Jodi Picoult and Nicholas Sparks for so long. They just keep cranking out books! I don't know how they do it actually. Jodi's most recent book was amazing. I'm with you on John Green. I'd have to think more on which other authors I'm waiting on.

    1. I've liked every Jodi Picoult book I've read. I think the most recent one I read was Sing You Home, so I need to catch up!! I like how all her books feature a court case (or at least they did). I really hope that John Green starts writing again!

  7. This is such a great post! I'm kind of lucky because I didn't read much last year I have a lot to catch up on so I'm not waiting for new releases from authors I love quite yet. I've found some new authors from this list that I've never heard of though so I'll have to take a look at their books! I've tagged you in my 'who am I' tag by the way if you want to do it! HERE

    1. Thanks for the tag :) Also, I these authors are pretty fab, so I hope you try some of them :)

  8. I think John Green is done being an author. I don't think we'll see anything from him ever again. I also am dying for something new from Huntley Fitzpatrick, and Amy Efaw- After made such an impact on me, I would love to read more from her- maybe soon.

    I am also with you, authors should attempt to release a book every 18 months, particularly if this is their full time career. I don't know if that's particularly realistic though.

    Great post!!!

    1. Sighhhh I hope John Green writes again. I'm not super hopeful, but I still got that small glimmer. I get that it's not realistic for everyone to get a book written and put out in the world every year, but it won't stop me from wishing they could!!

  9. I believe John Green is working on something now. I think he had a lot of anxiety issues after Fault in Our Stars. I can't wait for more by him though. I still need to read Brutal Youth - I think the author is a journalist too though, so he's probably busy doing that. I LOVED Dangerous Girls. I need to get Dangerous Boys. I hope she writes something else soon.

    Oh gosh, Stephen Chbsosky. Perks is seriously my answer to the what's your favorite book question? I don't know if he'll do another book. I'm excited about Wonder and Beauty and the Beast. He also wrote the screenplay for and directed the Perks movie. He also wrote the screenplay for the movie RENT. I'm a big fan...sorry. haha


    1. I SO hope that is true about John Green. Brutal Youth was totally fresh and unique. I hope you try it. And YES, he is a journalist-- so I guess he has other things going on. I'm with you on Chbosky. If he hasn't written a novel in 20 years, I think he's done :(

  10. I would love new books from so many of these! I thought I was the only person that liked Uses for Boys. I should've known you would appreciate it too! Did you ever read any of Hannah Harrington's books? I loved both of her books. There's been nothing new from her since 2012. :(

    1. Hahah see?? We're bookish twins :)

    2. Oh and I haven't read Hannah Harrington. I do own Saving June though!!

  11. That's so funny - I was just thinking about an author I like (now of course I can't remember who it was!) and why they hadn't written a new book. Love the post!
    Jen @ YA Romantics