Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Little Monsters by Kara Thomas-- I Want More Red Woman TBH

Little Monsters

Kacey moved to Broken Falls to live with a father and step-family she's never known.  She's made a few friends-- Jade & Bailey, and she's grown close to her step-siblings.

When Kacey's friends start freezing her out, she's not sure how to handle it.  And when they don't invite her to a party, she figures they must be mad about something.  But Bailey goes missing from that party-- and even though Kacey wasn't there, people in town want to blame the new girl.

So many lies and secrets will be looked into in order to find Bailey-- and some of them make Kacey question if her place in Broken Falls was ever what it seemed to be.

YA Mystery is kind of my thing.  I love them, and I'm always on the hunt for the GOOD ONES.  Little Monsters wasn't perfect, but I would say it's definitely worth reading.  It was page-turning, kept me guessing, and had that extra little bit of town lore that took the what-ifs to a greater level.

What I really liked: The family situation.  Kacey becomes part of this family that she's never known, and they take her in like she's always been there.  I really appreciated that the stepmother and step-siblings weren't the stereotypical cold-hearted meanies.

I also really liked the Red Woman story.  I love a good Urban Legend, and the fact that something supernatural could have been going on added to the thrill of the mystery.

The part that saved the book: Bailey ends up narrating a few chapters and WOW.  I loved seeing her secret side of the story, and her personality was so much more interesting than Kacey's.

What I wasn't a fan of: Kacey.  She was okay-- but she was boooooring.  I felt bad for her being suspected of something she clearly didn't do, and because she had a tough life-- but I didn't think her personality really showed through on the page.

The ending: No, I'm not going to tell you anything spoilery.  I just want to say I thought that it was a little bit disconnected.  It was obviously meant to shock (which I appreciate), but it didn't quite lead from A to B, if that makes sense.  I ended up with a lot of questions and more than a few doubts of plausibility.

OVERALL: I say give this one a shot.  It's an interesting mystery with URBAN LEGENDS and MEAN GIRLS.  Although I didn't love everything about this book (mainly the main character's lackluster personality), I did love the twists and turns this book took.  Also, BONUS POINTS for no romance!!

Date Published: 7/25/2017
How I got this book: Thanks to Penguin Random House and ALA for providing me a copy to read and honestly review.
Publisher: Delacorte Press

Add it to your To-Read List!!

My Rating: 4/5

Character: Kacey
Book: The Lifeboat Clique by Kathy Parks

  • Friend problems don't turn out too well for Kacey.  Maybe it would help to read about other friends w/ issues.


  1. Definitely sounds like I will need to get this from the library! Endings that seem disjointed really bother me... So we'll see how it goes! Wonderful review!!

  2. I really enjoyed this one, but I did like the author's debut a bit more. I can understand not loving Kacey - but Bailey's added POV here and there were great!


  3. Oh, it's always nice to read a book with no romance. This book sounds like Pretty Little Liars. Hopefully it's not as exhausting though.

  4. I was a fan of Thomas' last book, and this one sounds great too. The integration of the urban legend sounds interesting too.

  5. I am trying to get more into mysteries this year and I think YA is the way to go. I know it`s stupid, but I love books with mean girls. They`re fun. I`m very intrigued by the fact that this has some urban legends. Sounds promising.

    Carmen / Carmen`s Reading Corner

  6. This is one that I have been really curious about. I haven't read too much YA thriller types but this one sounds really good to me. I've read a lot of pretty good reviews for it so I think I may have to give it a go! Great review! Glad you seemed to enjoy it for the most part