Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday-- Easy, Fun Halloween Costumes

Top Ten Tuesday is a really cool original feature/weekly meme now hosted over at That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week they post a new Top Ten List that bloggers join in on answering... and today (October 30th) I'm one of them :)

Today's Topic

Top Ten DIY Halloween Costumes

  • When I started this annual costume post 3 years ago, it began with Bookish Costumes and then somewhere along the way it became really hard to think of so many.  So, every year I'm just putting together super easy & fun Halloween costumes that you could easily pull from your closet.

1.  Bookish Belle

  • I've always loved the beginning of Beauty and the Beast when Belle is walking around town reading her book and gushing to the bookstore clerk about it.  We should all be Bookish Belle at some point in our lives!!

2.  Corey from Empire Records

  • Empire Records will always be one of my favorite underrated movies.  This is one of the easiest outfits on here to just throw together.  Everyone has a plaid skirt in their closet.... right??

3.  Gwen Stefani

  • This is late 90's/early 2000's Gwen when she religiously wore outfits like this.

4.  Heather Chandler

  • Greetings and Salutations!!  Heathers is one of my fave cult classic movies-- and I promise you won't get fucked gently with a chainsaw if you dress like the boss bitch Heather.  I really only have one thing to say when I look at this outfit: How Very!!

5.  Queen of England

  • Who doesn't want to dress like royalty???  Well, the Queen doesn't have the BEST style, but she's super easy to mimic!!

6.  Lydia from Beetlejuice

  • Don't let your whole life be One. Big. Dark. Room.  Or do and dress up like Lydia!!

7.  Rainbow Bright

  • YASSS!!!  The 80's are calling me!

8.  Queen of Hearts

  • This is semi-bookish!!!  Anyway, there are so many ways to be a low-key Queen of Hearts that you should definitely keep it in mind if you are in a pinch.

9. Zenon 

  • Zetus Lupetus this is a rad costume!!  Where are all my late 90's peeps at??

10.  Flashdance

  • More 80's goodness.  Take some scissors to the sweatshirt and you are in business to be a maniac on the floor!!

Did you dress up for Halloween??  If so, tell me what you were!!! (I dressed up as Daria).  Also, if you were going to be one of these-- who would you pick??


  1. This is fun! I especially like Queen of Hearts and Lydia Deetz= perfect for Halloween! Love the black QoH jacket. The Gwen Stefani look is awesome too. :)

  2. This is such a fun spin on this week's topic! Oh my gosh I used to love Rainbow Brite, that would make such a fun costume.

  3. These are so good!!! I love Empire Records so that is my favorite :)

  4. Ooh I'd love to be Zenon, or Bookish Belle of course. I was a witch over the weekend. :)


  5. This is such a cute idea! And OMG< I was just explaining "Rex Manning Day" to someone yesterday. Hahaha.

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thank you!

  6. Fun post, Michelle. The Queen of Hearts costume especially has some unique pieces that fit perfectly with the character. :)

  7. This list is amazing! I would totally go as Lydia. She was my favorite in Beetlejuice. Nice selections this year!

  8. These are fun, but what I really love is the characters/people you chose. Rainbow Brite, Zenon, Corey -- love it!

  9. Fun! I wish I was going somewhere for Halloween. I love wearing costumes.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

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