Monday, January 6, 2014

New Books Out Week of 1/5

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

By: Kathleen Hale
In a small town like Friendship, Wisconsin people don't lock their doors, and the police have more experience looking for lost pets than dealing with homicides.  So when high student Ruth Fried is found murdered, Kippy (the BFF) takes it upon herself to find out what happened to her friend.

By: Laurie Halse Anderson
Finally, Finally Finally!!!  Since her mother's death 5 years ago, Haley and her dad have been on the road, hauling freight, and running from the PTSD that her father is suffering from due to his time in Iraq.  Now they've returned to her father's hometown so that Haley can have a normal life.  And she does meet a boy who interests her... but of course he has his secrets too.  While things at home get worse, Haley has to figure out how to keep her dad alive.

By: Lauren Morrill
When figure-skater Sloane Emily Jacobs meets hockey-player Sloane Devon Jacobs, they realize that switching places might just fix all their problems.  Sloane E. choked at nationals and is supposed to have a big comeback, but she's not up for all the stress.  Sloane D. is a hockey player who's been suspended for being too aggressive.  Now she has to go to hockey camp when she's playing her worst hockey.  But after the switch both Sloane's meet unexpected love interests, and learn that running away from your problems doesn't make them go away.

By: Chris Lynch
Oliver and Junie were liars in love.  Neither can tell the truth and now Junie has dumped O and he can't seem to find her anywhere.  Due to her father's connection with the organized crime world, O fears that Junie is in danger.

By: Hannah Jayne
When Riley finds the birth certificate someone named Jane Elizabeth O'Leary hidden in her baby book, she begins questioning everything she knows.  Who is Jane O'Leary?  Can she trust her overprotective parents, or have they been hiding things all this time?  Who is leaving the postcard messages that keep appearing in her bag?

(Splintered #2)
By: A.G. Howard
All Alyssa wants to do is go to prom, graduate, and go to art school in London.  But with her mother fresh out of the asylum, and Morpheus trying to lure her back to Wonderland, it's not going to be easy.  She's going to have to make a choice to stay in the real world and endanger everyone that she loves, or venture back to Wonderland to a deadly battle.

By: Jason Reynolds
Ali lives in a tough neighborhood, but he's trying his best to stay out of trouble, help out his mom at home, and practice his boxing.  When he, his best friend Noodles, and Noodle's brother Needles (a kid with Tourette's) end up at a party, things spiral and they find themselves in a dangerous situation.

(Starters #2)
By: Lissa Price
Callie is trying to defeat the Old Man and get rid of the chip inside her head in this sequel to Starters.

By: Lucy Christopher
A Psychological Thriller about a girl whose father is accused of murdering a teenage girl.

(Altered #2)
By: Jennifer Rush
Anna. Sam, Nick, and Cas are on the run, struggling to survive, and searching for answers to their past.

(The Blessed #2)
By: Tonya Hurley
Wow that cover is SO different from The Blessed!  With Sebastian gone Lucy, Cecelia, and Agnes have to work extra hard to perform the miracles they've been instructed to do to become saints and martyrs.

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

It's been A WHILE since there's been a quality list like this coming out.  I know I can't wait to read The Impossible Knife of Memory, No One Else Can Have You, The Killing Woods, and I would like to read both of the Splintered books one of these days too!

What are you going to start this year off with??

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  1. I'm so excited for so many of these books! I loved Unhinged & I especially can't wait to read Enders, Being Sloane Jacobs, In Dreams & Erased. The cover of The Impossible Knife of Memory reminds me of The Sea of Tranquility :-)