Friday, March 27, 2015

So Obsessed... (3)

Between the Broke and Bookish Secret Santa and the On the Same Page Secret Sister Project, it's got me thinking about stuff I like, stuff my friends like, and my changing obsessions in general.  So I decided to start telling you guys what my obsessions are when I get them.

These are the things I've been obsessing over this week:


I finished OUAT last week and I didn't know what the heck I was going to do with my Netflix time.  I looked and looked and just couldn't settle on anything.  Then I came across Parenthood.  I didn't know ANYTHING about it except that it recently had it's series finale on TV.... and that the finale was apparently a sobfest.  So I thought I'd give it a whirl.  IMMEDIATELY HOOKED.  I usually don't like shows about family life, but this show is just so much feeling and happiness and togetherness.... I love it.  Plus Dax Shepard cracks me up, and Lorelai is in it!!  It made me a little sad to be an only child :(

Teen Heartthrobs

If you didn't know Forever Young Adult is doing their March Madness event, and this year it's all about guys we crushed on in our youth.  If you didn't know about this... well go vote for Pacey!!!  Voting in all these rounds made me so nostalgic for all those boys I loved before.  I was sad to see my boy Joey McIntyre not make it out of his first heat.  I so loved him.  I also wanted Devon Sawa to go the distance... hello, last 5 mins of Casper were watched for many hours in my house!!  But my number one guy Pacey (Joshua Jackson) is still in the running!!!  So please go vote for him!  I've loved him ever since The Might Ducks days (him and Adam Banks).

Guys who weren't on the list that I crushed on:

  • Cappie from Greek on ABCFamily
  • Corey Haim- AKA the only Corey that mattered
  • Fred Savage- he had that nerdy adorability to him
  • Skeet Ulrich- hottest killer ever
  • Jonathan Brandis- hottest guy playing a girl ever
  • Kirk Cameron- Mike Seaver
  • Chad Michael Murray- Lucas!!!

Who was your #1 teen heartthrob crush??


ModCloth is an online clothing company specializing in vintage-inspired clothing... and it's based out of Pittsburgh (yay Pittsburgh!!!).  They also have really cool home/apartment stuff, which reminds me of  Urban Outfitters.  I've been making a wishlist on there for a while, but recently I've gotten very serious about ordering some shoes, a dress, earrings, and something for my OTSPSecretSister!!  You should check it out, they have some really cool retro looking stuff.


So this week I've been reading Sophomore Year is Greek to Me and Denton Little's Deathdate.  They are both fun, cool books.  I read Freshman Year and Other Unnatural Disasters and found it to be hilarious and cute, and I LOVED LOVED LOVED Kelsey Finkelstein.  So I'm reading Sophomore Year and the voice in it is so cute too!!  Zona (the m/c) is a aspiring reporter, so there's news articles about the on-goings in her life sprinkled throughout.  Kelsey even makes an appearance :)  The coolest thing was I tweeted that my e-reader wasn't letting me read the first page, and the author immediately got her editor to email me that page.  How nice was that???  Sometimes this community just blows me away.

What are you reading this week??

Any obsessions you'd like to share?

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  1. I read Denton Little's Deathdate this week too. I loved the bit of Parenthood I have watched, I always cry lol. I do want to finish the series now that it is over!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  2. Oh my gosh I am obsessed with Parenthood! I love it so much! I am actually watching Parenthood as I am writing this comment!

    1. I'm also super obsessed with OUAT! Like super duper obsessed!

    2. You have good taste in TV :)