Thursday, March 10, 2016

So Obsessed... (15)

It's time for another update on my obsessions!!  Between the Broke and Bookish Secret Santa and the On the Same Page Secret Sister Project, it's got me thinking about stuff I like, stuff my friends like, and my changing obsessions in general.  So I decided to start telling you guys what my obsessions are when I get them.


  • I went to see the movie Deadpool last week and while I'm not super into superhero stuff, I LOVED this movie.
  • Ryan Reynolds: SO HOT!!  Somebody was definitely hitting the gym before the movie shot :)  I thought it was funny and superhero-y and weird and fun.  LOVE this idea of a guy that's not the good guy, but not the bad guy either.  A guy with superpowers that doesn't want to go around helping people, but doesn't want to take over the world either.  He just wants to fix his own life.
  • I did some research into who Deadpool was in the comic books, and I really like the elements that they chose to include and the ones they left out.  Also some of the things- like breaking Fourth Wall and telling jokes while fighting- made a lot more sense once I found out what the comic book roots were.
  • I guess it's not for everyone because my husband didn't like it.  Although I'm still trying to figure out why.  There was a TON of action and the humor was immature boy-type humor.  All stuff he usually goes for.  But he said he didn't think it was funny and he didn't "get" the Fourth Wall stuff.  The rest of the theater was roaring with laughter, so IDK.  Also I would say it's a hard NO for young kids.  There's a lot of nudity and there's a ton of scenes that are basically soft-core porn, and lots of swearing, and some violent-gross blood and guts stuff.

Fuller House

  • I, like most of us 90's peeps, grew up watching Full House.  In my elementary school, you had better not show your face the day after Full House ran unless you watched it.  It was alllllll that anyone was going to talk about.  Yeah, clearly we were a hard-core bunch.
  • Was Full House incredibly corny, ridiculous, and pretty much pointless??  YES.  Obviously.  But is it nice to think back on a show where all the problems were solved by the end of 30 minutes with a hug?  Yes.  It is.  Full House was supposed to be a comedy... and no, it probably wasn't allll that funny, but it was CUTE.  The girls were kids we could relate to as young people.  The older characters were people we could look up to as role models.
  • When they said they were doing a relaunch of the series, I was excited and apprehensive.  Excited because YAY NOSTALGIA.  Apprehensive because A. Are they going to screw this up?  B. The headspace that we live in today is very different than the late 80's-earl 90's.  Things aren't as simple, and people demand more from TV.  People want drama and issues.  They want scandal and stuff that pushes the envelope.  That is SO not Full House.  It's why we aren't watching TV with our kids.  Because there aren't very many shows that appeal to adults and kids.
  • NOW- I watched Fuller House and I have to tell you I LOVED IT!!!  Even my 8 year-old son loved it and he does NOT like the original Full House.  Maybe it was the fact that the kids are boys this time instead of girls??  I'm not sure.  I thought it captured the feeling of the old show, while moving forward and becoming slightly more modern.  I mean, there were not sexual innuendos and drug jokes in the original FH, so it's at least TRYING for more edge.
  • I LIKED the random dancing and singing.  I miss the 90's prom choreographed dances.  It's just fun, not supposed to be taken serious.
  • My fave character: Max.  He is so freaking adorable and he's a good little actor.  He has great timing & they even gave him a catch phrase (granted- Holy chalupas is not my fave, but still...)
  • My NON-fave character: Steve!!!  What the heck is he doing here??  Go away HS prom date.  BLECK!
  • 13 episodes was NOT enough!!  I'm so glad this got renewed already for a 2nd season.
  • To all the critics out there:  take the stick out of your asses.   It's FULL HOUSE, it's supposed to be cheesy and nicey-nice.  The laughs are supposed to be more of the eye-rolling type than the LOL kind.  I read some scathing-super mean reviews of this show, and I have to say I wanted to ask those people if they enjoy kicking puppies in their free time.  Because damn!!

Gilmore Girls End

  • SPOILERS if you haven't watched the last season of Gilmore Girls.
  • So, I know I posted about my thoughts on the Gilmore Girls (and how I'm TEAM JESS) before, but now that I've completed the last season, I thought I'd share what I thought about the ending.
  • I have to say, the last episode felt BLAH.  I guess now I know why they want to do a relaunch!!  I mean, Lorelei and Luke just left it like- "I can't decide" and "Yeah, I know, I'll wait".  WHAT?  Thanks a lot 7 seasons of build-up!!!
  • In good news, Rory said NO to Logan and his ass was never seen again after the Yale graduation.
  • I was also happy that Rory didn't get allllll the professional success right out of the gate (but I'm sure in the relaunch she'll be some worldly successful name that hasn't found love yet).  Don't get me wrong, she didn't have the typical road of most college grads- living at home, working retail or food service, putting out resumes for things we didn't even go to school for just to get started somewhere... no, they still gave her a job on a Presidential campaign within a week after graduating, but she didn't get The New York Times gig, so at least she had SOME disappointment.
  • And what about Sookie and her 3rd baby???  We just don't care about that happening?
  • The last scene- in Luke's Diner- made sense.... but it didn't make me FEEL.  When a big show like this ends, I want to feel it!!  It was like "YAY Rory got the job- Bye Girl"
  • My final thoughts- I liked the show.  I was mildly addicted to the show.  But I definitely had issues on the way privilege was shown.  And I still don't like Rory :)

YA Mysteries

  • I've been LOOKING and LOOKING for awesome YA Mysteries/Thrillers... and what I've learned is that it may be my hardest genre of YA to find those "I LOVE IT" books.  I WANT to love them so bad- because I love a good mystery!!  But I've read so many MEH ones that I'm starting to get frustrated.
  • I'm thinking stuff along the lines of- Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas, Wherever Nina Lies by Lynn Weingarten, After by Amy Efaw (which might be pushing the lines of what a Mystery is and what an Issues book is), What Happened to Cass McBride? by Gale Giles, All Unquiet Things by Anna Jarzab, Rosebush by Michele Jaffe, Hysteria by Megan Miranda
  • Now some of those books I wouldn't classify as all-time favorites, but they have what I'm looking for in a YA Mystery.  
  • What I'm Looking For- a murder, crime, or something BIG that needs figuring out.  Characters I can connect with.  A strong voice.  Good writing.  The whole THRILLING feeling.  A surprise ending (or at least one that isn't Captain Obvious).  Books that I can't put down because I have to know!
  • I just finished The Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas (comes out April 19), and I was SO happy to finally find a Mystery that was above half-decent.  I may have even liked it more than I should have just because of so many disappointments.  But I NEEEEED more!!!
  • I desperately need your help!!  Do you have any recs??

4 Year Blogoversary!!

  • My blog turned 4 this month.... and you know I wanted to party like Monica & Ross on Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve.  But I'll save The Routine for another day and just tell you guys that I've had so much fun talking bout books with you over the last 4 years.  Thanks for all the comments, the Twitter chatting, the Goodreads chatting, the different book events I've met you at, and the blog events you've let me participate in with you!!  I love all the people I've met and can't wait to meet more of you crazy bookworms :)

Now let's talk!!  Do you have Fuller House thoughts??  Come on, I know you guys do!!  What about Gilmore Girls ending thoughts??  Did you like the way they ended it?  What do you think the relaunch holds for us?  Also, YA Mystery recs??  I NEED them!!!!

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  1. I just finished reading With Malice, a new YA mystery and it was really enjoyable! It was definitely inspired by a real case that I remember constantly hearing about in the news a few years ago. I think you'll like it!

    1. Oh I do usually LOVE books that are inspired by real life events!!! I'm going to go look for it now :)

    2. Oh wait, I LOVE Eileen Cook!! I'll definitely be read that!!

  2. YAY! I LOOOOVED Deadpool. So much. I'm a big Marvel fan and this movie was my #1 most anticipated. So, so fantastic and funny and YES Ryan Reynolds <333

    Also embarking on Fuller House and loving it so far :)

    1. YAY!! I'm so glad you liked Deadpool!! & Fuller House is adorable... IDC what people say!

  3. Omg I loved Fuller House as well! Full House was my favorite show growing up and still is! I can't wait because season two of Fuller House has already been confirmed. Yey!

  4. My husband wants to go see Deadpool, but I've been hanging back because I'm just kind of tired of the superhero thing. I think maybe after reading your review though, that I might like it. It sounds kind of different, I think I'd love the whole conflicted superhero aspect and the humor. I'll have to give it some more thought. :)

    1. It's definitely NOT the typical superhero movie. I'm kind of over the superhero thing as well bc they've made SO many TV shows lately. I've been wondering how many more they can possibly do!

  5. Aw, sorry your husband didn't like Deadpool. That is kind of surprising! I really loved it. I like super hero movies though, but I really loved the humor in this one! And yeah, not for kids. It's rated R for a version folks. I don't know why parents keep bringing children- they weren't when I saw it but I've heard of other cases.

    I love mysteries/thrillers, but you're right, it's hard to find a good YA one. Do you ever read adult? You might have more luck! some are probably good cross-overs too.


    1. I do read Adult sometimes. I really liked Gillian Flynn's books, but don't really know where to start looking when it comes to Adult. It's a little over-whelming!

  6. okay lets start at the beginning. Deadpool. Loved it. I was cracking up. Not a kids move and I don't normally go for this type of movie... meaning rated r kind. But it was just enough funny to appreciate the adult in instead of getting turned off by it. Ryan Renyolds rocked the part.
    Fuller House...... .loved loved loved loved loved it. And yes it is supposed to be cheesy and corny. The original was and so were many other 90s sitcoms. I miss it so much... a good sitcom that is a good cheesy feel and funny that is nowdays... check out The Goldbergs... I think its a great family show for middle school and up kids and parents. One of our favorites and its all about the 80's stuff.

    Gilmore Girls. have not seen all of it. My daughter and I are watching it together so I did not read that part because of spoiler alert. Thank you for that.

    YA mysteries. my favorite genre... well along with retellings. So some of my favorites have beenThe Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes and Jasper Dent series by barry lyga, Unremembered by Jessica Brody Body finder series by kimberly derting, touch series by Laurie Faria Stolarz, Adventures in funeral crashing by milda harris, Deadly Cool by Gemma Halliday, Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter, famous last words by Katie Alender, curse workers by holly black, the seer series by Linda Joy Singleton. I am not sure if they are all what you are looking for but I have enjoyed these.

    also happy blogoversary!!!!

    1. Oh The Goldbergs!! I should SO be watching that- because anything 80's!! Thank you for all these recs!! I've been hearing great things about The Naturals. I'm not a big series reader though... but I did LOVE The Jasper Dent series, so I think I'm going to just go for it!! Also Deadly Cool!!! I forgot all about that!! That's the kind of oldie, but goodie I don't want to forget about reading. Famous Last Words sounds really good too!!

  7. What a fun feature!! I loved Deadpool too and already pre-ordered it! I haven't seen Fuller House yet, but it's in my queue! I also really never got into Gilmore Girls, but I'm glad you enjoyed it! :P Congrats on 4 years!!

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

    1. I had a love/hate thing with the Gilmore Girls. And I definitely don't think it's for everyone!! I hope you love Fuller House though!!

  8. First off happy blogoversary! *throws confetti* I'm not really a Full house or Gilmore Girls fan. Just never really got into it. I still have yet to see Deadpool. *sad face* YA Mystery is such a tough genre. Really hard to find good books!

    1. Really really SUPER hard!! It's my most elusive genre!