Sunday, May 18, 2014

New Books Out Week of 5/18

These are the books I'm obsessing over this week:

(Superlatives #1)
By: Jennifer Echols
Tia just wants to have fun.  That's why she doesn't want to get serious with any guy... not even new boy Will who she had mad chemistry with.  Will has moved on, but now he and Tia are voted as yearbook's Biggest Flirts.  The awkwardness of it starts to interfere with his relationship and her vow to never caring too much.

(The Heiresses #1)
By: Sara Shepard
Sara Shepard has a new series!!!  The heiresses are a group of granddaughters from a prestigious, wealthy family.  They are the heirs to their grandfather's fortune.  But then one of them is killed... and those remaining have to figure out if the family curse is real, and which one of them may be next.

By: Paula Stokes
When Lainey's amazing boyfriend Jason breaks up with her with no warning or explanation, she knows the only thing on her agenda this summer is getting him back.  Lainey and her best friend Bianca turn to The Art of War for strategies. Part of that strategy includes making Micah her fake boyfriend to make Jason jealous.  But just when it looks like her plan is going to work, she starts feeling more for the fake boyfriend than she thought.

By: Susane Colasanti
Ethan has been an aspiring musician forever, and Sterling is the girl that's always believed in him.  When Ethan hits it big, Sterling is along for ride for all the premiers, red carpets, and sold-out shows.  But soon Sterling realizes that she's living someone else's dream, not her own...

(The Rules for Disappearing #2)
By: Ashley Elston
The sequel to The Rules for Disappearing has Anna out of Witness Protection, but still in danger.  Thomas is still on the loose and still trying to silence her.  When he has Anna, her little sister, and her boyfriend kidnapped, Anna decides to risk it all to win safety for the people she loves and her own life back.

(Shadow Falls: After Dark #1)
By: C.C. Hunter
A book about a vampire who goes to a Shadow Falls, a camp for teens with paranormal gifts.  She's training to be a paranormal investigator and is being distracted by a sexy shapeshifter and a new vampire.

Other Books Coming Out This Week:

Oh I am SO reading Biggest Flirts and The Heiresses (don't judge me!!).  And I kind of want to read The Rules for Breaking even though I wasn't in love with the first book (at all).  What books are you reading in the last week and a half leading up to BEA??

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