Thursday, December 4, 2014

Harry Potter Inspired Items I LOVE

I've done a 2 of these so far and since I had fun, I decided to do more.  The first one I did was Peter Pan, the second was Alice in Wonderland, and now...

Harry Potter Inspired Items from Etsy/Pinterest

Oh man... this could be a looooong post.  Here's my favs:

  • Awesomeness and funniness.

Slytherin Charm Bracelet by MistressJennie

  • I'm not saying I'm evil, but I'm pretty sure the sorting hat would've put me in Slytherin
  • Obviously Gryffindor is the best, but we can't all go there :(
  • This bracelet has a cauldron (because us Slytherin's are good at potions), our symbol (the snake), and the Dark Mark among others

  • This comes in your choice of houses... but again I'm pretty sure I'm a Slytherin so...
  • The frame doesn't come with it, but that also makes it super affordable
  • Would be cool to buy all 4 and make a wall collage

Siruis Black Quote Necklace by MyLilRedWagon

  • Charm is 1" arcoss and comes in silver
  • Comes with the chain length of your choice
  • Sirius is my favorite in the books... I always pictured him as a hottie :)

Harry Potter Earrings by DailyLook

  • Small posts that I think are adorable
  • Cute for everyday wear
  • Comes in silver, gold, or pink

  • Again a funny t-shirt that I just LOVE
  • It comes in all kinds of styles and colors

  • A super cute poster to put in a playroom or a  bathroom :)
  • It comes in all sorts of pretty colors

  • I love all these stamped bangles... there are SO many I want!!
  • I had to have something Marauder's on here

Mandrake Crochet Pattern by SpecialtyShop

  • If only I could knit!!!
  • This looks complicated, but it so darn funny and cute! 
  • and you could put it in a pot and it could be a bookend!

  • I LOVE this!!  LOVE!  I think it's SO fun and cool and unique
  • I also always loved the Patronus Charm because Harry needed protection and I found it comforting that he was good at creating his own form of protection.

  • This gem is only $27.50... I think that's a pretty good deal for something so pretty!!
  • I actually love like 10 different signs in the shop that this sign is listed in.  They're all so unique and fun, yet grown up and classy at the same time.

Ravenclaw Card by ReneeRules

  • This makes me LOL
  • Perfect for your friend that's in the Ravenclaw House
  • I was thinking of getting this for my Broke and Bookish Secret Santa????

  • I need these!!  I love quotes and these are beautiful.

Harry Potter Candles by FromthePage

  • This story has lots of fun Harry Potter inspired candles
  • I don't know about you, but I really want my house to smell like Hogwarts at Christmas!!
  • There's also fun chapstick available

  • These hand painted ornaments are adorable
  • I love the idea of having all 4 houses represented on my tree

I'm a Keeper Onsesie by LottiePolkaDottie

  • I love all the fun HP onesies on Etsy... my favs- Future Gryffindor, Muggle Born, Mischief Managed (on the bottom rear part of the onesie), I Speak Parseltongue, and this one of course!
  • I'm also just a sucker for a funny/witty onesie :)

  • I'm not big into keychains but !!!!!!  The combination of 2 of my favorite things in pop-culture is too much :)

  • Here's something I pinned on Pinterst that I love.
  • There's a tutorial on how to make your own from Tiny Apartment Crafts
  • It doesn't look SUPER hard, but the wire part looks a little tricky

  • This would look so cute in an HP themed nursery!!!  Or just in any random room in my house!

  • Another awesome Pinterest find!!  I wish I would have been aware of it in college!


  1. Quidditch beer pong!! How awesome would that be!! And I love the wrap ring!!

    -Wendy @Book Scents

    1. I really wish I had tried that when I was still living at college!!!

  2. They're all so awesome!! I love the snitch ornament~ Thanks for sharing this Michelle!